Original Airdate: February 11, 1994

Writer(s): Scott Kaufer and Chris Carter

Director(s): Michael Lange

Guest Stars
Jerry Hardin as Deep Throat
Alan Boyce as Young John Barnett
David Peterson as Old John Barnett
Dick Anthony Williams as Reggie Purdue
Christine Estabrook as Agent Henderson
Robin Mossley as Dr. Joe Ridley
William B. Davis as CIA Agent
Graham Jarvis as NIH Doctor
Merrilyn Gann as Prosecutor
Gordon Tipple as Joe Crandall
Courtney Arciaga as Progeria Victim
Robin Douglas as Computer Specialist

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Synopsis: John Barnett, who supposedly died years ago in prison, comes back to haunt the person who has put him in jail – Mulder. Sending the agent personal notes, Barnett taunts Mulder to try and catch him.

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