Original Airdate: November 5, 2000

Writer(s): Chris Carter

Director(s): Kim Manners

Guest Stars
Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner
James Pickens, Jr. as Alvin Kersh
Kirk B. R. Woller as Gene Crane
Tom Braidwood as Melvin Frohike
Dean Haglund as Richard Langly
Bruce Harwood as John Fitzgerald Byers
Jeff Gulka as Gibson Praise
Sheila Larken as Margaret Scully
Jo-Ann Dean as Secretary
Christine Firkins as Thea Sprecher
Marc Gomes as Danny Mosley
Bryan Greenberg as Order Taker
Jonathan Palmer as Principal
Dondre Whitfield as Agent
Marty Zagon as Mr. Coeben

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Synopsis: The newly appointed Deputy Director Kersh has organizes a manhunt for Mulder and assigns Agent John Doggett to lead the team. He even warned Scully and Skinner that they will be fired if anything is said about aliens. Scully and the Lone Gunmen suspect that the Bounty Hunter might go after Gibson Praise.

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