Original Airdate: April 28, 2002

Writer(s): Story by: David Duchovny & Frank Spotnitz & Chris Carter
Teleplay by: Chris Carter

Director(s): David Duchovny

Guest Stars
Cyd Strittmatter as Dr. Whitney Edwards
James Riker as Baby William
Travis Riker as Baby William
Chris Owens as Jeffrey Spender
Adam Nelson as Mr. Van De Kamp
Shannon Hile as Mrs. Van De Kamp
David Fabrizo as ER Physician
Dallas Munroe as ER Nurse
Annie Abbott as Older Social Worker
Kiersten Van Horne as Young Social Worker
Dan Shor as Second ER Nurse
Jason Waters as The Breather Photo Double

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Synopsis: A severely deformed man is captured in the X-Files office while trying to steal documents about Mulder’s sister. Doggett and Scully becomes suspicious of his real identity when his DNA is found to match that of Mulder.

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