Original Airdate: April 11, 1999

Writer(s): Jim Guttridge & Ken Hawryliw

Director(s): Rob Bowman

Guest Stars
John Diehl as Wilson ‘Pinker’ Rawls
Catherine Dent as June Gurwitch
Tuesday Knight as Jackie Gurwitch
Frank Novak as Superintendent Raybert Fellowes
David Bowe as Robert Werther
Lamont Johnson as Whaley
Keith Brunsmann as Bo
Jerry Giles as Security Guard
Jeffrey Schoeny as Trevor
Cary Pfeffer as Anchorman
Terri Merryman as Newscaster
Jerry Giles as Security Guard
Lee Corbin as Guard
Christopher Dahlberg as State Trooper
Robert Peters as Sergeant

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Synopsis: A convict in Mississippi is reprimanded by a dictatorial warden, who puts the convict in a solitary confinement box located outside during a huge storm in which several tornadoes touch down. When the storm subsides, the box has been destroyed, but its former occupant has escaped and wreaks havoc on those that wronged him. Mulder and Scully try to figure out his next move and how the convict is able to move through seemingly impassable barriers.

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