Original Airdate: January 24, 1999

Writer(s): Vince Gilligan

Director(s): Michael Watkins

Guest Stars
Geoffrey Lewis as Alfred Fellig
Richard Ruccolo as Agent Peyton Ritter
James Pickens, Jr. as Assistant Director Alvin Kersh
Matt Gallini as Hood
Naomi Matsuda as Streetwalker
Ange Billman as Secretary
Barry Wiggins as NYPD Detective
Javier Grajeda as Desk Sergeant
Dell Yount as Truck Driver
Nicky Fane as Blue-Collar Man
Don Fehmel as EMT
Coby Ryan McLaughlin as Young Agent
Jolyon Resse as Second Young Agent

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Synopsis: Scully is temporarily assigned a new partner and heads to New York City to investigate a crime scene photographer who may actually be the killer. Back in Washington, Mulder continues to help his partner.

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