Original Airdate: December 12, 1999

Writer(s): Jeffrey Bell

Director(s): Thomas J. Wright

Guest Stars
Willie Garson as Henry Weems
Ramy Zada as Jimmy Cutrona
Alyson Reed as Maggie Lupone
Shia LaBeouf as Richie Lupone
Tony Longo as Dominic
Ernie Lee Banks as Maurice
Chip Fogleman as Billy
Marshall Manesh as Mr. Jank
Dom Magwili as Mr. Ng
Nicholas Worth as Mr. Haas
Dominqiue Pi Prima as Megan McLean

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Synopsis: Mulder and Scully head to Chicago to interview a man who survived a fall from the top of a building. Apparantly mobsters were involved, but the victim does not want to implicate anyone. Unfortunately, the mobsters learn that he survived and send people to kill him.

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