Original Airdate: September 24, 1993

Writer(s): Glen Morgan & James Wong

Director(s): Harry Longstreet

Guest Stars
Doug Hutchison as Eugene Victor Tooms
Donal Logue as Tom Colton
Henry Beckman as Detective Frank Briggs
Kevin McNulty as Fuller
Terence Kelly as George Usher
Colleen Winton as Lie Detector Technician
James Bell as Mr. Johnson
Gary Hetherington as Mr. Kennedy
Rob Morton as Mr. Kramer
Paul Joyce as Mr. Werner

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Synopsis: A former FBI Academy classmate of Scully’s asks her for help on a case: Several murders have occurred where the victim’s liver has been ripped out, yet there is no indication of an entry point to the place where the person had been murdered. Scully asks Mulder to assist them on the case and, despite his reputation in the Bureau, he agrees.

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