Original Airdate: January 11, 1998

Writer(s): Jessica Scott & Mike Wollaeger

Director(s): Ralph Hemecker

Guest Stars
Christin Anton as Teacher
Bob Dawson as Phil Rich
Myles Ferguson as Joey Agostino
Cynde Harmon as Patti Rich
Katharine Isabelle as Lisa Baiocchi
George Josef as John Ramirez
Chad Lindberg as Bobby Rich
Gardiner Millar as Eugene Baiocchi
Laurie Murdoch as Coroner
Sarah-Jane Redmond as Karin Matthews
Kate Robbins as Linda Baiocchi

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Synopsis: When a teenage boy is suspected of killing his father by burying him alive, Mulder and Scully head to Michigan to examine the death. The father was more than twice the size of his son and evidence is found that the boy could have had help. However, Mulder believes that the boy is innocent.

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