Original Airdate: May 5, 2002

Writer(s): Story by: John Shiban & David Amann
Teleplay by: David Amann

Director(s): Kim Manners

Guest Stars
Cary Elwes as Brad Follmer
Barbara Patrick as Barbara Doggett
Jared Poe as Rudolph Hayes/Stuart Mimms
Sal Landi as Nicholas Regali
Victoria Gallegos as Follmer’s Assistant
Avery Glymph as Diener
Kate Lomabrdi as Woman
Kipp Shiotani as Cadet No. 1
Mandy Levin as Ellen Persich

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Synopsis: An FBI profiler links a series of murders to the killing of Doggett’s son. However, soon Doggett and Reyes start to wonder about his involvement in the murders.

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