Original Airdate: December 10, 2000

Writer(s): Story by: Steven Maeda & Daniel Arkin
Teleplay by: Steven Maeda

Director(s): Peter Markle

Guest Stars
Derick Alexander as Bailiff
Brien Blakely as Reporter
Lee Duncan as Al Cawdry
Kayla Henry as Haley Wells
Roger Hewlett as Tall Guard
James Howell as Homicide Detective
Anne-Marie Johnson as Vicky Wells
J. Patrick McCormack as Brent Tufeld
Cynthia Martells as District Attorney Carter
Joe Morton as Martin Wells
Luis Rodgriguez as Gangbanger
Joanna Sanchez as Trina Galvez
Jack Shearer as Benjamin Kinberg
Shane Sinutko as Lead Officer
Guy Torry as Shorty
Danny Trejo as Cesar Ocumpo
Bellamy Young as Janet Wilson

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Synopsis: A lawyer wakes up and finds himself in jail for the murder of his wife, but he has no recollections of that event. What’s more puzzling is that the days begin to regress backward towards the murder.

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