Original Airdate: February 28, 1999

Writer(s): Vince Gilligan & John Shiban

Director(s): Kim Manners

Guest Stars
Mitch Pileggi as Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Carrie Hamilton as Pam
Darren E. Burrows as Bernard
Monique Burrows as Head Teller
Suanne Spoke as Woman Customer
Arlene Pileggi as Skinner’s Secretary
Mik Scriba as Lt. Kraskow
Wayne Alexander as Agent Arnold
David Michael Mullins as Tour Guide

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Synopsis: As Mulder lies bleeding from a gunshot wound in Scully’s arms, a bank robber flicks a switch that detonates a bomb, destroying a bank in Washington, D.C. Moments later, time returns to the beginning of that fateful day and the events are repeated once again.

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