Original Airdate: February 4, 1994

Writer(s): Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon

Director(s): David Nutter

Guest Stars
Cec Verrell as Lula Phillips
Christopher Allport as Agent Jack Willis
Jason Schombing as Warren Dupre
Jackson Davies as Agent Bruskin
Callum Keith Rennie as Tommy
Jay Brazeau as Prof. Varnes
Lisa Bunting as Doctor #1
Peter Kelamis as O’Dell
Brenda Crichlow as Reporter
Mark Saunders as Doctor #2
Alexander Boynton as Clean Cut Man
Russell Hamilton as Officer Daniels

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Synopsis: After a FBI Agent and a bank robber are both shot during a bank heist, the FBI agent starts to take on the persona of the late bank robber when he was brought back to life. Mulder suspects that the bank robber, Warren Dupre has come back to life in Agent Jack Willis’ body.

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