Original Airdate: February 17, 1995

Writer(s): Frank Spotnitz

Director(s): Rob Bowman

Guest Stars
Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner
Brian Thompson as Pilot
Megan Leitch as Samantha Mulder
Steven Williams as X
Peter Donat as William Mulder
Garry Davey as Captain
Colin Cunningham as Lt. Wilmer
Allan Lysell as Able Gardner
J.B. Bivens as Sharpshooter
Bonnie Hay as Field Doctor
Oliver Becker as Second Doctor
Beatrice Zeilinger as Paramedic

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Synopsis: Impersonating Mulder, the Bounty Hunter takes Scully as his hostage. Mulder and Samantha nervously wait for him to contact Mulder to make a trade: Samanta for Scully. Mulder, however, does not want to lose either of them and goes to Skinner for help.

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