Original Airdate: November 15, 1998

Writer(s): Vince Gilligan

Director(s): Rob Bowman

Guest Stars
Bryan Cranston as Patrick Crump
Janine Venable as Vicky Crump
Junior Brown as Virgil Nokes
Michael O’Neill as Patrol Captain
James Pickens, Jr. as AD Alvin Kersh
Mindy Seeger as Coroner
Scott A. Smith as Prison Doctor
Harry Danner as CDC Doctor
Linda Porter as Elderly Woman
Ken Collins as Gas Station Attendant
Tegan West as Lt. Breil
Art Pickering as Germ Suit Cop
Mark Craig as Trooper #1
Tim Agee as EMT
Wiley Picket as Trooper #2
Frank Buckley as Nevada News Anchor
Bob Peters as Idaho News Anchor

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Synopsis: While working on a domestic terrorism assignment, Mulder comes across an apparant hostage situation turned high-speed chase in Northern Nevada that seemingly defies belief: A woman’s head explodes in a police car, yet there is no indication she was shot. Defying orders not to pursue cases resembling X-Files, Mulder and Scully head to Elko, Nevada, to assist the local police.

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