Original Airdate: April 1, 2001

Writer(s): Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz

Director(s): Tony Wharmby

Guest Stars
Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner
James Pickens, Jr. as Alvin Kersh
Arlene Pileggi as Skinner’s Assistant
Zachary Ansley as Billy Miles
Sheila Larken as Margaret Scully
Nicholas Lea as Alex Krycek
Tom Braidwood as Melvin Frohike
Dean Haglund as Richard Langly
Bruce Harwood as John Fitzgerald Byers
Richard McGonagle as Dr. Francis Orovetz
Nelson Mashita as Dr. Lim
Larry Rippenkroeger as First Deckhand
Judson Scott as Absalom

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Synopsis: After Mulder was buried, Billy Miles who also was dead, somehow comes back to life. Skinner and Scully immediately dig up Mulder and found him to be alive too. Krycek offers Skinner a vaccine for Mulder’s virus infection but he wants him to kill Scully’s unborn child.

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