Original Airdate: January 7, 1994

Writer(s): Glen Morgan & James Wong

Director(s): David Nutter

Guest Stars
Brad Dourif as Luther Lee Boggs
Don Davis as Captain William Scully
Sheila Larken as Margaret Scully
Lawrence King-Phillips as Lucas Jackson Henry
Fred Henderson as Agent Thomas
Don MacKay as Warden Joseph Cash
Lisa Vultaggio as Liz Hawley
Chad Willett as Jim Summers
Kathrynn Chisholm as Nurse
Randy Lee as Paramedic
Len Rose as E.R. Doctor

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Synopsis: While investigating a kidnapping case, Scully and Mulder encounter a death row inmate who claims to have psychic abilities. He informs the agents he will help solve the case if his sentence is reduced. Scully becomes an unwilling believer when Boggs tells her that she can communicate through him with her recently deceased father.

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