Original Airdate: November 4, 1994

Writer(s): Chris Ruppenthal and Glen Morgan & James Wong

Director(s): David Nutter

Guest Stars
Perrey Reeves as Kristen Kilar
Frank Military as The Son/John
Malcolm Stewart as Commander Carver
Justina Vail as The Unholy Spirit
Gustavo Moreno as The Father
Tom McBeath as Detective Gwynn
Frank Ferrucci as Detective Nettles
Ken Kramer as Dr. Browning
Roger Allford as Garrett Lorre
Richard Yee as David Yung
Brad Lorre as Fireman
John Tierney as Dr. Jacobs
David Livingstone as Guard
Guyle Frazier as Officer

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Synopsis: The X-Files have been reopened and Agent Mulder flies to Hollywood to investigate a series of vampire like murders in which victims are drained of their blood and puncture wounds are found on their bodies. Mulder meets and falls for a mysterious woman although, she is a prime suspect.

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