Plot: The Tanner family is an average American family. One day, they discover that they have a visitor. He’s small, he’s furry, he’s arrogant, and he’s an alien from the planet Melmac. Unsure what to do, they name him ALF: Alien Life Form. Alf soon decides that as much as he misses his home planet, there’s a lot to be said for Earth: the Tanners are willing to concede anything as long as he doesn’t announce his presence. Oh yeah, the Tanners also have a cat, which looks rather tasty…

Rating:  TV-G

Creator: Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco

Episode Runtime: 25 minutes 

Network: NBC

Production:  Alien Productions and Lorimar Television

Distributors:  Warner Bros. Television Distribution

On TV: 1986- 1990 (4 Seasons – 103 Episodes)


Nick Havinga
Burt Brinckerhoff
Gary Shimokawa
Peter Bonerz
Tom Patchett
Paul Miller
Paul Fusco
Nancy Heydorn
Tony Csiki
Rick Gough
Peter Baldwin
Howard Storm

Tom Patchett
Paul Fusco
Steve Pepoon
Lisa A. Bannick
Victor Fresco
Bob Bendetson
Howard Bendetson
Laurie Gelman
David Silverman
Stephen Sustarsic
Donald Todd
Al Jean
Mike Reiss
Thad Mumford
Scott Spencer Gorden
Steven Hollander
Jerry Stahl
Nelson Costello
Alicia Marie Schudt
Seth Weisbord
Wendy Graf
Lisa Stotsky
Beverly Archer
Ron Burla
Adrienne Armstrong
Lloyd Garver
Gary Markowitz
Mitzi McCall
Kevin Abbott
Art Everett
Skip Frank
Sandy Gillis
Marjorie Gross
Gwyn Gurian
Philip Whitehill
Jeanne Baruch
David Steven Cohen
Bruce David
Anne Meara
Jeanne Romano
Roger S.H. Schulman
Wesley Stern
Jordan Tabat
Cecile Alch
Patricia Niedzialek
Leslie Ann Podkin
Ian Praiser

Bernie Brillstein – executive producer
Paul Fusco – producer / co-producer
Tom Patchett – executive producer / producer
Steve Lamar – associate producer
Lisa A. Bannick – supervising producer
Stephanie Hagen – associate producer
Laurie Gelman – co-producer
Bob Bendetson – co-producer
Thad Mumford – supervising producer
Steve Cioffi – associate producer
Steven Hollander – co-producer
Ian Praiser – supervising producer
Randy Sutter – associate producer
James M. Jaffee – associate producer

Watch Intro

ALF’s Earth Family Tree

Gordon Schumway (ALF)

Played by: Paul Fusco (voice)
Occupation: Orbit Guard (on Melmac)
Species: Melmacian

Willie Tanner

Played by: Max Wright
Role in Household: Father
Occupation: social worker at the Social Services Department of Los Angeles County

Kate Tanner

Played by: Anne Schedeen
Role in Household: Mother
Occupation: Real estate

Lynn Tanner

Played by: Andrea Elson
Role in Household: Eldest child
Occupation: Student

Brian Tanner

Played by: Benji Gregory
Role in Household: Youngest Child (until season 4)
Occupation: Student

Trevor Ochmonek

Played by: John LaMotta
Role in Household: Neighbor

Raquel Ochmonek

Played by: Liz Sheridan
Role in Household: Neighbor

Jake Ochmonek

Played by: Josh Blake
Role in Household: Neighbor