Plot: An Alien expedition is boldly going where no aliens have gone before: Earth! Taking on human identities, these visitors are in for culture shock of astronomical proportions as they encounter our planet’s bizarre ways. Stranger still are their new physical forms, which constantly amaze them with surprises like puberty and passion, as when the High Commander becomes hopelessly infatuated with his Earthling co-worker. With sophisticated satire and wild farce, 3rd Rock From the Sun offers a hilarious look at our world from an outrageously new point of view. (

Rating:  TV-PG

Creator:  Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner

Episode Runtime: 25 minutes 

Network: NBC

Production:  Carsey-Werner Company

On TV: 1996-2001 (6 Seasons – 139 Episodes)


Terry Hughes
Robert Berlinger
James Burrows

Bonnie Turner
Terry Turner
Christine Zander
Bob Kushell
Bill Martin
Mike Schiff
David Goetsch
Jason Venokur
David Sacks
David Israel
Jim O’Doherty
Michael Glouberman
Andrew Orenstein
Gregg Mettler
Aron Abrams
Gregory Thompson
Mark Brazill
Dave Boerger
Nastaran Dibai
Jeffrey B. Hodes
David Lewman
Joe Liss
Joe Fisch
Will Forte
Linwood Boomer
Mark Nutter
Dave Jeser
Matthew Silverstein
Danny Smith

Executive producer / supervising producer – Bill Martin
Executive producer / supervising producer – Mike Schiff
Executive producer – Marcy Carsey
Executive producer – Caryn Mandabach
Executive producer – Bonnie Turner
Executive producer – Tom Werner
Executive producer – Terry Turner
Producer – Patrick Kienlen
Producer / supervising producer – Bob Kushell
Producer / supervising producer – Christine Zander
Co-executive producer / executive producer – David Sacks
Co-producer / associate producer – Tim Ryder
Executive producer / supervising producer – Jason Venokur
Consulting producer / executive producer – Mark Brazill
Supervising producer / producer – David Goetsch
Supervising producer / producer – David Israel
Supervising producer / producer – Jim O’Doherty
Associate producer – Patricia Valenzuela
Consulting producer – Terry Hughes
Producer / co-producer – Andrew Orenstein
Co-producer / producer – Aron Abrams
Co-producer – Gregory Thompson
Producer / co-producer – Michael Glouberman
Consulting producer / co-executive producer – Nastaran Dibai
Consulting producer / co-executive producer – Jeffrey B. Hodes
Co-executive producer / co-producer – Joe Fisch
Executive producer – Linwood Boomer

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Experimental Earth Family Tree

Dick Solomon

Played by: John Lithgow
Rank: High Commander
Species: Extraterrestrial
Occupation: High Commander and Physics Professor (Earth)

Sally Solomon

Played by:  Kristen Johnston
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Extraterrestrial
Occupation: Security officer and homemaker/various short-lived jobs  (Earth)

Harry Solomon

Played by:  French Stewart
Title: Harry (later promoted to Harold)
Species: Extraterrestrial
Occupation:Transmitter and Homemaker and various short-lived jobs (Earth)

Tommy Solomon

Played by: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Title: Information Officer
Species: Extraterrestrial
Occupation: Information Officer and student (Earth)

Mary Albright

Played by: Jane Curtin
Title: Doctor of Philosophy
Species: Earthling
Occupation: Anthropology professor

Nina Campbell

Played by: Simbi Khali
Title: Professional Assistant
Species: Earthling
Occupation: Assistant of Dr. Mary Albright
and Dr. Dick Solomon

Don Orville

Played by: Wayne Knight
Title: Police Sergeant
Species: Earthling
Occupation: Police Officer

The Big Giant Head

Played by: William Shatner
Title: Ruler of the Galaxy
Species: Extraterrestrial