X-304 (Daedalus-class)

daedalus2Manufacturer: Tau’ri
Designer: Tau’ri
Length: 200-225 meters
Width: 90-95 meters
Height/depth: 70-75 meters
Maximum speed: 75,000 km/sec-150,300,225 m/sec
Engine unit(s): Maneuvering thrusters, Sublight drive, Asgard hyperdrive, Alternate reality drive (Alternate Daedalus)
Fuel: Naquadah
Hyperdrive system: Intergalactic
Power plant: Naquadah generators, Zero Point Module (if available), Asgard power core, Subspace Capacitors (Alternate Daedalus)
Shielding: Asgard shields
Hull: Naquadah/Trinium alloy
Sensor systems: Asgard sensor array
Targeting systems: Earth targeting systems
Navigation system: Computer navigational systems
Armament: 4 Asgard plasma beam weapons, 32 Railguns, 16 VLS Missile Tubes, Mark III, VIII, and IX nuclear missiles, Horizon weapons platform (Apollo)
Complement: 8-16 F-302s
Crew: ~200
Minimum crew: 4
Other systems: Asgard transporters, Long-range transmitter, Transportation rings, Asgard computer core, Ancient Cloak (Odyssey)
Role(s): Battlecruiser, Deep Space Carrier
Year introduced: 2005
Affiliation: Tau’ri
Known Ships:
USS Daedalus -Fast Attack Wing – Colonel Steven Caldwell
USS Odyssey – Colonel Ian Davidson
RFS Korolev (destroyed) – Colonel Chekov
USS Apollo – Second Tactical Wing – Colonel Abraham Ellis
Sun Tzu[5] – Unknown, Chinese crew
USS George Hammond – Second Tactical Wing – Colonel Samantha Carter

X-303 (Prometheus)

prometheus2Manufacturer: Tau’ri
Designer: Samantha Carter (assisted)
Length: 195 meters
Width: 80 meters
Height/depth: 65 meters
Maximum speed: 110,000 miles per second
Engine unit(s): Sublight engines, Maneuvering thrusters, Buffered Naquadria reactor core
Fuel: Naquadria
Hyperdrive system: Interstellar
Power plant: Naquadah generators
Shielding: Asgard shields
Hull: Naquadah/Trinium alloy
Targeting systems: Earth targeting systems
Navigation system: Computer navigational systems
Armament: 12 missile batteries, 16 railguns
Complement: 8 F-302s
Crew: 115+
Minimum crew: 20
Other systems: Transportation rings
Role(s): Battlecruiser
Year introduced: 2002
Affiliation: Tau’ri


f302Manufacturer: Tau’ri
Designer: Tau’ri
Length: 14.26 meters
Width: 26.17 meters
Height/depth: 5.92 meters
Engine unit(s): 2 jet propulsion engines, 2 aerospike boosters, 1 rocket booster
Hyperdrive system: Naquadria-powered hyperspace window generator
Shielding: None
Hull: Naquadah composite
Targeting systems: Computer aided targeting system, Off-Boresight targeting system
Navigation system: Computer Navigation System
Armament: 4 wing-mounted long range air-to-air missiles, 2 nose-mounted railguns, (Optional Payload)Tactical Nuclear Missile
Crew: 2 (pilot, co-pilot)
Minimum crew: 1
Passengers: None
Other systems: Grappling cables
Role(s): Multi-role Attack Starfighter
Year introduced: 2003
Affiliation: Tau’ri

Gateship (Puddle-Jumper)

puddlejumperManufacturer: Ancients, Asurans
Designer: Ancients
Length: 8 meters
Height/depth: 4.7 meters
Engine unit(s): 2 Drive pods, Hyperdrive (Developed by Rodney McKay)
Hyperdrive system: Limited interstellar (Developed by Rodney McKay)
Power plant: Rechargeable power core
Shielding: Converted from cloak (Developed by the Atlantis Expedition)
Sensor systems: Ancient sensor array
Targeting systems: Mental
Control systems: Control chair
Navigation system: Ancient star map
Avionics: Mental
Countermeasures: Ancient shield bypass, Cloaking device, Stun bubble (developed by Michael Kenmore)
Armament: 12+ Drone weapons
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-pilot
Minimum crew: None
Passengers: 20
Other systems: Dial Home Device, Subspace communicator, Inertial dampeners
Role(s: Shuttle Fighter
Affiliation: Asurans, Lanteans, Tau’ri, Michael Kenmore (briefly)

Allies Ships

O’Neill class

oneilManufacturer: Asgard
Length: 1,500 meters
Width: 700 meters
Engine unit(s): Sublight drive, Asgard hyperdrive
Fuel: Naquadria
Hyperdrive system: Intergalactic
Power plant: Neutrino-ion generators
Shielding: Asgard shielding system
Hull: Naquadah/Carbon/Trinium composite
Control systems: Asgard stones
Countermeasures: Self-destruct, Explosion Suppression System
Armament: 4 Ion guns
Minimum crew: None
Other systems: Transporter arrays
5 primary, 10 secondary
Role(s): Warship
Year introduced: 2000
Affiliation: Asgard


bilskirnirManufacturer: Asgard
Length: 1,400 meters
Width: 640 meters
Engine unit(s): Sublight drive, Deceleration drive
Fuel: Naquadria, previously neutrinos
Hyperdrive system: Intergalactic
Power output: 4,000,000,000 KJ/ms
Power plant: 3 Neutrino-ion generators, 1 smaller Neutrino-ion generator
Shielding: Asgard shielding system
Sensor systems: Asgard sensor array
Control systems: Asgard stones
Countermeasures: Cloaking device, Explosion suppression system
Armament: Ion guns
Minimum crew: One
Other systems: Asgard database, Holographic communicator, Stasis pod
Transporter arrays: 2 primary 10 secondar
Role(s): Battlecruiser
Year introduced: 1998 (first appearance)
Affiliation: Asgard


auronaManufacturer: Asurans, Lanteans
Designer: Lanteans
Length: 3,000-3,500m
Height/depth: 500-1,000m
Maximum speed: 296,794 km/s (upgraded)
Engine unit(s): Sublight drive, Ancient hyperdrive
Hyperdrive system: Interstellar (standard), Intergalactic (upgraded)
Power plant: ZPM-powered generators
Shielding: Lantean shielding system
Sensor systems: Lantean sensor array
Targeting systems: Mental
Control systems: Auxiliary bridge, Control chair, Control consoles
Navigation system: Lantean star map
Avionics: Mental
Armament: Drone weapons (amount unknown), Energy weapons
Complement: Gateships (amount unknown)
Minimum crew: 1
Passengers: 329-500
Other systems: Core drive, Stasis pods, Self-destruct
Role(s): Warship
Affiliation: Asurans, Lanteans, Tau’ri (briefly), Travelers (briefly)
Known Ships: Aurora, Orion (originally named Hippaforalkus), and Tria.

Enemy Motherships


hatak2Manufacturer: Goa’uld
Designer: Ptah
Class: Mothership
Length: 700 meters
Width: 650 meters
Height/depth: 315 meters
Engine unit(s): Sublight engines, Hyperdrive
Fuel: Naquadah
Hyperdrive system: Interstellar
Power plant: Engine room
Shielding: Goa’uld shields
Control systems: Pel’tak
Countermeasures: Self-destruct
Armament: 60 staff cannons, Unknown number of naquadah bombs.
Complement: Twelve wings of Death Gliders, Three wings of Al’kesh bombers
Minimum crew: 1-12 people
Passengers: Over 2,000 Jaffa troops
Cargo capacity: 700,000 tons
Other systems: 15 Transportation ringss (5 primary, 10 secondary), Several sarcophagi, Self-destruct
Role(s): Attack ship, Death Glider carrier, Long-range warship, Troop carrier
Affiliation: Free Jaffa Nation, Goa’uld Empire, Lucian Alliance, Replicators, Tau’ri (briefly), Tok’ra

Ori Warship

oriwarshipManufacturer: Priors
Designer: Ori
Length: 1,100m
Width: 850m
Engine unit(s): Sublight drive, Ori hyperdrive
Hyperdrive system: Intergalactic
Power plant: Ori power generator
Shielding: Ori shielding system
Sensor systems: Ori sensor array
Targeting systems: Mental
Control systems: Ori control chair
Avionics: Mental
Armament: Primary beam weapon, Ori pulse weapons
Complement: 500 Ori fighters
Crew: Thousands
Minimum crew: One
Passengers: Ori soldiers, Priors
Other systems: 100+ Transportation rings
Role(s): Warship
Affiliation: Ori Army

Replicator Cruiser

replicruiserManufacturer: Fifth, Replicator Carter
Designer: The Human form Replicator Fifth
Class: Mothership
Length: 35 meters
Engine unit(s): Sublight drive, Hyperdrive
Hyperdrive system: Intergalactic
Power plant: Keron particles
Shielding: Energy shield
Hull: Replicator blocks
Armament: Replicator-composed projectiles
Other systems: Asgard transporter
Year introduced: 2004
Affiliation: Replicators

Hive Ship

hiveManufacturer: Wraith
Class: Mothership
Engine unit(s): 8 Wraith thrusters, 4 Atmospheric thrusters, Sublight engines, Wraith hyperdrive
Hyperdrive system: Limited interstellar
Power plant: Energy crystals
Shielding: Regenerative Hull
Hull: Organic
Control systems: Neural interface
Countermeasures: Jamming codes
Armament: Energy weapons
Complement: 3 cruisers, Darts, Scout ships
Minimum crew: 1 pilot
Passengers: Tens of thousands
Cargo capacity: Hundreds of thousands of tons
Other systems: Hibernation pods
Role(s): Battleship, Colony, Hive
Affiliation: Wraith, Tau’ri (brief)