15 Billion Years Ago

The Universe is formed during the primordial event, known as “The Big Bang” to Human scientists.

Scientific Theory


5 Billion Years Ago

The star “Sol” is born of a massive cloud of gas, known as a nebula.  Around this star begins to form several planets…the third of which develops to be capable of supporting life.

Scientific Theory


Millions of Years Ago

In a distant galaxy, a race known as the Alterans evolve.  Within their society, a rift between two factions eventually emerges…between one faction that is fervent in it’s religious convictions, and one faction that believes in a purely scientific outlook.  Ultimately the two viewpoints prove grossly incompatible, culminating in the religious faction (known as the Ori) attempting to destroy the other.  Rather than go to war, the scientific faction (who will come to be known as the Anqueetas, or Ancients) leave their homes to colonise what they refer to Avalon…better known today as the Milky Way Galaxy.  In the years that follow, the Ori evolve to the point at which they ascend to a higher plain of existence and enforce a religion upon the humans in their galaxy…a religion designed to allowed the Ori to sap further power for themselves in an effort to destroy the Ancients.

In Avalon, the Ancients establish a galactic empire seeding the galaxy with a network of Astria Porta (stargates) that allow for instantaneous travel through an artificial wormhole between two stargates.  However, sometimes after they establish their empire the Ancients become infected with a devastating plague that threatens to destroy their entire civilisation.  It is possible that this plague was an attempt by the Ori to destroy the Ancients.

“Frozen” & “Avalon” – SG-1


10 Million Years Ago

In an attempt to escape from the devastation brought about by the plague, the Ancients depart from Earth onboard their “cityship” Atlantis (which had previously been stationed on Earth, the hub of the Ancient’s empire).  Atlantis head to the Pegasus galaxy, where the Ancients (know known as the Lanteans) proceed to colonise the galaxy and seed it with human life.

“Rising” – ATL


Millions of Years Ago

On a planet in the Pegasus Galaxy, a native alien parasite interacts with the humans seeded by the Lanteans.  The DNA of the two creatures merge, creating a new species.  This new species, which becomes known as the Wraith, takes on the alien creature’s need to feed on other creatures.

“The Gift” – ATL


Realising that all attempts to save themselves from the plague is futile, the Ancients begin to research ascension as a way to save their race.  Ultimately proving to be successful, the Ancients leave our plane of existence and create a set of laws to prevent one of their own from going the way of the Ori by making it anathema to interfere in the affairs of the lower planes of existence.

As one of their last acts in our galaxy, the Ancients use a powerful device on the planet Dakara to reseed life in the galaxy.  Perhaps circumventing their new laws, the Ancients also take active steps to prevent the Ori from detecting life in our galaxy to avoid the possibility of them converting it to Origin.

“Full Circle”, “Threads” & “Avalon” – SG-1


130,000 Years Ago

A species of hominid evolve on Earth.  This species later calls itself Homo sapiens sapiens – or Humans.  These Humans are the second evolution of the humanoid form on Earth, basically being the second coming of the Ancients.

“Rising” – ATL


100,000 Years Ago

The world later designated P5C-353 begins to die. The organisms that live on the planet create an orb in which they sleep for 100,000 years waiting for someone to take them through the stargate. Once exposed to the atmosphere of a living planet, they will awaken.

“A Matter of Time” – SG-1


30,000 Years Ago

The Asgard start to send sleeper ships from their homeworld in the Ida Galaxy to explore the Milky Way.  At some point the encounter Earth, and develop a firm interest in humanity.

“Revelations” – SG-1


15,000 Years Ago

A gate terminal is constructed on Hadante.

“Prisoners” – SG-1


10,100 Years Ago

The Lanteans first encounter the Wraith, who’s technology is inferior to their own in many ways but have the advantage of superior numbers.  War breaks out between the two races, and being overconfident, the Lanteans suffer heavy losses.

During the course of the war, the Lanteans attempt to research several technologies to help them defeat the Wraith.  The first of these was a development of the ‘xero point module’ power devices, labelled as Project Arcturus.  Arcturus would have replaced the ZPMs by sapping power from out own universe instead of the artificial micro-universe of a ZPM, however the project was ultimately a failure and resulted in the obliteration of the surface of Doranda.

The Lanteans also develop a form of nanite weaponry designed to infiltrate the Wraith’s very cells and destroy them from the inside out.  However, the nanites evolve and eventually develop into the humanoid Asurans.  Seeing that their experiment has had an undesirable side-effect, the Lanteans attempt to destroy the Asurans and erase all data regarding the research from their database.  However, Asuran cells survive and create their own civilisation undetected.

Realising attempts are ultimately proving unsuccessful, many Lanteans make attempts to ascend either through DNA manipulation or through placing themselves within a time-dilation field.  Many are ultimately successful, while others choose to remain in our plane of existance.

“Rising”, “Trinity” & “Progeny” – ATL


10,000 Years Ago

The remaining Lanteans are forced back to Atlantis, and to protect the city they submerge it under the planet’s ocean.

“Rising” – ATL


A Lantean vessel capable of time-travel arrives at Atlantis from 10,000 years into the future.  With the arriving Human, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, speaking of the deaths of her team and the effective destruction of Atlantis, Janus, the time-ship’s creator, makes changes to the city’s defense system to allow for a fail-safe device which would return the city to the surface upon the failure of the ZPM power units.

Atlantis is abandoned by the Lanteans as the war with the Wraith takes a deadly turn.  The remaining Lanteans returning through the stargate to Earth.  Finding Earth now primitive, many Lanteans choose to exist in isolation from society to concentrate on the possibility of ascending,  However some choose to integrate into human society and pass their genetic ability to use Ancient technology down through the human genome.

Staying on Atlantis, Dr. Weir places herself in stasis.

“Rising” & “Before I Sleep” – ATL


Arriving back from Pegasus, the Lanteans form an alliance with the Asgard, the Nox and the Furlings as a means of mutual defense against the rising Goa’uld threat.  This “UN of the stars” devise a truly universal language based on atomic numbers – the very building blocks of existence.

“The Torment of Tantalus” – SG-1


Having had the research pertaining to his time-travel experiments destroyed upon leaving Atlantis, Janus begins to once again develop the technology.  One such effort, on the planet later known to Earth as P4X-639, results in a time-loop, and is deemed a failure.  However, the technology ultimately proves successful, and Janus uses it to study and document the history of one planet in this galaxy.

“Window of Opportunity”, “Born to be King” – SG-1, & “Before I Sleep” – ATL


The Antaniques civilisation becomes extinct after the armbands their warriors use fail, and they no longer have the strength to defend themselves.

“Upgrades” – SG-1


9,003 B.C.

Wallace, the last of the inhabitants of Altair, except for Harlan, leaves the planet through their stargate.

“Tin Man” – SG-1


8,000 B.C.

Ra, a Goa’uld System Lord, discovers Earth, and finds it’s people to be perfect as new Goa’uld hosts.  He absorbs Earth into his territory, and establishes himself as the figure of Ancient Egyptian mythology.

The Goa’uld soon start to take humans elsewhere in the galaxy – taking some as host, using some as slave labour.  At Dakara, one such human is implanted with a Goa’uld symbiote, to serve as an incubator for the infant.  As a “reward”, the new Jaffa are granted strength, good health and long life by their symbiotes.

“Stargate: The Movie”, “The Enemy Within” & “Reckoning” – SG-1


Goa’uld experiments with a mineral called naquadria on Kelowna cause an accident that wipes out the ancient Kelownans. Naquadria is recorded as a highly unstable radioactive variation of naquadah with the potential for energy production far greater.

“Meridian” – SG-1


2,995 B.C.

The Egyptians lead a rebellion against Ra, overthrowing their master and burying the stargate.  At the time of the rebellion a ZPM, which had then been a ritualistic symbol in the cult of Ra, was placed in a tomb at Giza.

At this time, Seth goes missing.

“Stargate: The Movie”, “Seth” & “Moebius” – SG-1


2,900 B.C.

The Third Dynasty in Egypt is founded by King Zoser. He rules with help from the Goa’uld Imhotep. Imhotep builds the pyramid of Zoser at Saqqara, the world’s first large stone structure, a tomb that replicates earlier, lower brickwork buildings called mastabas. Imhotep is later deified by the Egyptians, but among the Goa’uld he never achieves power of any kind, never becoming a system lord.

“The Warrior” – SG-1


2,205 B.C.

The Goa’uld Yu-Hu’ang Shang-ti, or Yu The Great, founds the Xia Dynasty in China. As one of China’s first emperors, he governs under harsh rule, but brings advances and positive influences.

“Fair Game” – SG-1


2,003 B.C.

Omoroca of the Oannes arrives in Babylon on Earth to fight the Goa’uld. She is killed by the Goa’uld Belus leaving behind her mate, Nem, unaware of her fate.

“Fire and Water” – SG-1


2,000 B.C.

A ziggurat is constructed on P2X-338.

“The Tomb” – SG-1


1,000 B.C.

Civilisation develops on Velona.

“Ascension” – SG-1


The earliest cult is built around the Egyptian god Seth is established on Earth.

“Seth” – SG-1


716 B.C.

Aegeria, a Goa’uld queen, comes to Earth to help stop the Goa’uld from using humans as slaves.  Through her offsrping, she founds the Tok’ra movement.

“Crossroads” – SG-1

Editor’s Note: Date is completely conjecture, based on the reign of Numa Pompilius.


670 B.C.

Aegeria is captured by Ra and placed in stasis on Pangar.

“The Cure” – SG-1

Editor’s Note: Date is completely conjecture, based on the end of the reign of Numa Pompilius.


1 B.C.

On P2X-416, a period of violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions covers most of the continent of Bedrosia. The planet’s stargate is buried, preventing the Goa’uld Nefertum, an under-system lord of Ra, from returning after having populated the planet.

“New Ground” – SG-1


Hathor is imprisoned in statis in a sarcophagus, and buried in a pyramid in a Mayan temple in Mexico.

“Hathor” – SG-1


AD 976

As a result of advancing technology, a chemical disaster destroys P7J-989 and renders it uninhabitable. The survivors place themselves in suspended animation and use a virtual simulation to keep their minds active.

“The Gamekeeper” – SG-1


AD 997

An Unas, of the same planet that the Goa’uld originate from, is taken to the labyrinth on Cimmeria.

“Thor’s Hammer” – SG-1


AD 1000

The Asgard become physically incapable of achieving cell division through meiosis (sexual reproduction). Reproduction after this point is achieved exclusively through a process of enhanced cellular mitosis (cloning).

“Revelations” – SG-1


After Anubis commits unspeakable crimes, he is banished by the system lords. The system lords attempt to kill Anubis and believe he has died.  Sometime thereafter Anubis tricks Oma Desala into helping him ascend to the level of the Ancients. The Ancients however are not keen on this and try to descend him, they only partially succeed.  Rather than permanently descend Anubis, they leave him in this limbo with the understanding that he will not use any powers that he would not otherwise have as a Goa’uld.  Part of the Others reasoning behind this is to punish Oma Desala for breaking their cardinal rule – do not help lesser beings to ascend.

“Last Stand” & “Threads” – SG-1


AD 1097

The way of life among the Mongol Steppe Nomads dies out. Their descendants carry on their lifestyle on another planet.

“Emancipation” – SG-1


AD 1098

Madrona is transformed by a race that also creates the Touchstone, a device that controls and maintains the weather.

“Touchstone” – SG-1


AD 1298

Pyrus kills the Goa-uld who rules on P3R-636, earning the name, “Pyrus the Godslayer.” The people continue to imitate the ways of the Goa’uld to avoid detection. Pyrus lives a long life through use of the sarcophagus.

“Need” – SG-1


AD 1565

Ohper is born on P3X-774. He belongs to the species known as the Nox.

“The Nox” – SG-1


AD 1600

The Goa’uld attack Velona. Orlin, a banished member of a race known as “the Others”, communicates knowledge to the inhabitants for building a weapon that is used to defeat the Goa’uld. When they use the weapon for conquest, however, the Others destroy the civilization to prevent a disaster.

“Ascension” – SG-1


AD 1690

The Goa’uld leave Nasya.

“In the Line of Duty” – SG-1


AD 1701

The Sentinel is constructed on Latona. It is a weapon designed to protect the Latonans from the Goa’uld by making all Goa’uld who land on the planet vanish. It requires a caretaker to join with the machine to work. A flame in the city indicates that the caretaker lives. If the caretaker dies, the flame dies.

“The Sentinel” – SG-1


AD 1801

At around this time, the civilization on P3A-194 is a thriving urban civilization. A flu pandemic kills millions of Volians, which is when the Aschen arrive. They offer a vaccine that saves the world and are hailed as heroes. The Volians join the Aschen Confederation in a friendship that lasts for years. The Volians discover, however, that the vaccine causes sterility causing riots and the urban civilization abruptly ends. The evidence of the urban society and the capital are buried and over the next 200 years, the Volians go from an urban civilization of millions to an agrarian society of thousands.

“2001” – SG-1


AD 1849

An impact event of meteors on Edora is caused by an irregularity in its orbit. This occurs every 150 years.

“A Hundred Days” – SG-1


AD 1864

Bra’tac is born.

“Bloodlines” – SG-1


AD 1895

Jolinar of Malkshur (in Rosha) and Lantash (in Martouf) are mated.

“The Tok’ra” – SG-1


AD 1898

Teal’c is born to Ro’nak, the First Prime of Chronus. Ro’nak is later killed for failing to win an unwinnable battle and his family are exiled to Chulak. Teal’c later ascends through Apophis’ ranks as a warrior of Bra’tac to become First Prime in Bra’tac’s place.

“The Light” & “Fair Game” – SG-1


AD 1899

Apophis’ First Prime Bra’tac hides a special death glider of unique design.

“Into the Fire” – SG-1



The Germans discover a device buried at Giza. However, its purpose cannot be ascertained. It is a pedestal with 39 symbols and a red crystal at the centre.

“Watergate” – SG-1



Catherine Langford is born.  She is the daughter of Egyptologist Dr. Langford.

“The Torment of Tantalus” – SG-1



During an archaeological dig at the Giza plateau in Egypt, Dr. Langford uncovers a giant metallic ring caped with a coverstone engraved with an unknown markings.  Also discovered are some remains, which appear similar to the falcon-depictions of the god Ra.

Stargate: The Movie



The Stewart Expedition to Cairo, Egypt, discovers a number of artifacts in a temple near Cairo, including the Urns of Osiris and Isis and a gold amulet.

“The Curse” – SG-1



The last of the members of the Stewart Expedition dies. Their deaths are said to be caused by the “Curse of Osiris.” Officially, they are attributed to mould spores. 6 months later, a ship carrying the artifacts to America sinks off the coast of New Jersey.

“The Curse” – SG-1



The US military, along with the help of Dr. Langford, begin experimenting on the device found in 1928, believing it to have value as a potential weapon.

During one test, Ernest Littlefield is sent into the device, and is presumed killed.  The device is subsequently put into storage, and this turn of events classified.

“The Torment of Tantalus” – SG-1


The Soviet Red Army “liberates” Berlin, and confiscate the pedestal artifact from the Germans.

“The Tomb” – SG-1


July 1947

Humans near the town of Roswell, New Mexico, on the North American continent on Earth report the discovery of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Official government investigators later announce that the report was mistaken, and that object sighted had simply been a weather balloon.

While history doesn’t record is that what happened was the crash of an Asgard vessel, which is subsequently taken for study at ‘Area 51’ and classified by the US government.

“Thor’s Chariot” – SG-1



The Orbanians create nanites as a means of acquiring knowledge. Urrone children are give millions of nanites at birth, before neural pathways are established, enabling them to learn vast amounts of knowledge very quickly. At the age of 12, Urrone undergo the Averium, in which the nanites are removed and each citizen receives a nanite by injection, allowing the knowledge to be passed on.

“Learning Curve” – SG-1



Indo-china is split into the separate states of communist North Vietnam and US-backed South Vietnam. The communist Vietcong attempt to seize power in South Vietnam. The USA provides military aid to South Vietnam. USAF officer Hammond is amongst those fighting.

“Revelations” – SG-1



Nodaal marries Layale on Vyus.

“Past and Present” – SG-1



Jonathan O’Neill is born in Chicago, IL and raised in Minnesota. He is later referred to by his nickname, “Jack”.

“Brief Candle” – SG-1


8 July 1965

Daniel Jackson is born to Melburn and Claire Jackson.

“Forever in a Day” – SG-1


18 July 1969

Lt. George Hammond’s father has his first heart attack, and is taken to hospital.

“1969” – SG-1


20 July 1969

The Apollo 11 moon mission successfully lands two men on the Moon. Lt. Hammond watches the moon landing from beside his father’s hospital bed.

“1969” – SG-1


4 August 1969

Four intruders are discovered in a testing silo in Colorado. The leader identifies himself as Capt. James T. Kirk but later changes his story to being named Luke Skywalker. They are taken away but escape en route. Lt. George S. Hammond (one of their escorts) is found to be unaccountable having been stunned by advanced weaponry.

“1969” – SG-1


11 August 1969

Four individuals enter an armoury in Washington DC where the Doorway To Heaven is kept. They are believed to be the same people who were discovered at Cheyenne Mountain a week earlier as they use similar methods to stun the guards.

“1969” – SG-1



After a visit from the previously unknown son of an old friend and partner of her father from the Giza dig, Heinrich Gruber, Catherine Langford begins her research into the Doorway To Heaven.

“1969” – SG-1



Nicholas Ballard discovers a crystal skull in a temple in Belize. He is transported to a mysterious place, where he sees giant aliens. Following the event, the temple collapses. Nicholas survives the incident, but cannot convince anybody of what happened. The crystal skull discovered in Belize is taken to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

“Crystal Skull” – SG-1



During the construction of an exhibit at the NY Museum of Art, Melburn and Claire Jackson are killed when the exhibit collapses. Their son, Daniel, witnesses the event. Daniel is subsequently adopted by another couple after his grandfather chooses not to.

“The Gamekeeper” – SG-1



The Goa’uld go to P3X-797. This will be their last visit. It is unknown when the Goa’uld inflicted the “curse” however.

“The Broka Divide” – SG-1



Nicholas Ballard checks himself into a mental health facility in Oregon after suffering a severe mental breakdown. He is visited regularly by his grandson, Daniel Jackson.

“Crystal Skull” – SG-1


Dargol, a chemical pesticide which adversely affected the environment and causes infertility, is banned on Vyus.

“Past and Present” – SG-1



Work begins on a dialling computer for the Doorway To Heaven. Involved in the project is USAF officer Samantha Carter and civilian adviser Dr. Catherine Langford. Carter jokingly refers to the project in later years as MacGyver-ing a dialling system.

“Children of the Gods” – SG-1


Operation East Fly is put into action to retrieve a Russian agent called Boris from a house in East Germany. The team is lead by Col. John Michaels and includes Capts. O’Neill and Kawalsky. Col. Michaels is killed by snipers and the mission is deemed a failure.

“The Gamekeeper” – SG-1



Cassandra is born on Hanka.

“Rite of Passage” – SG-1


Steven Rayner begins working with Dr. David Jordan.

“The Curse” – SG-1



On P3X-4C3, the Kelownans discover an ancient Goa’uld temple with writings, artifacts, a substance called naquadria, and a device called a stargate.

“Meridian” – SG-1


The space shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after take-off, killing all 7 on board. Samantha Carter’s plans to become an astronaut are interrupted, delaying a childhood dream.

“Secrets” – SG-1



Merrin and Tomin are born on Orban. They are selected to be Urrone, and are injected with millions of nanites.

“Learning Curve” – SG-1


Kendra of the planet Jebanna, who has been taken by a Goa’uld, arrives on Cimmeria, and is transported to the labyrinth. She escapes, but not before Thor’s Hammer kills the symbiote, freeing her.

“Thor’s Hammer” – SG-1



Malikai’s wife dies of a congenital heart weakness. Malikai , an archaeologist, starts looking for ways to once again be with her, eventually discovering a device created by the Ancients on P4X-639 which he hopes he can make him go back in time.

“Window of Opportunity” – SG-1


16 Jan – 18 Feb 1991

War between Iraq and a coalition of 28 nations led by the USA. Amongst the USAF officers is Samantha Carter, who logs over 100 hours in enemy airspace.

“Children of the Gods” – SG-1



George Hammond’s wife dies of cancer.

“Tin Man” – SG-1



The stargate is moved to Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, where work begins on deciphering the symbols on the “Doorway To Heaven” under the civilian direction of Dr. Catherine Langford after years of petitioning several administrations to reinstate the program.  Dr. Samantha Carter also works on the project.

“Stargate” The Movie & “Children of the Gods” – SG-1



Jack O’Neill has a disagreement with his son Charlie over a water gun. They argue and Charlie runs off.

“The Devil You Know” – SG-1


Charlie O’Neill dies after accidentally shooting himself with his father’s gun. Sara, his mother, is able to forgive Jack, his father, but can’t forget. Jack, however, can’t forgive himself and retires from the Air Force.

“Stargate” The Movie


Captain Samantha Carter is re-assigned to the Pentagon after 2 years spent trying to make the Doorway To Heaven work. One year of her time at the Pentagon is spent studying nano-technology. Carter also spends some time working with Dr. Timothy Harlow, one of the world’s top geneticists.

“Children of the Gods” – SG-1


Dr. Langford visits Dr. Daniel Jackson after one of his lectures to enlist his help in a translation project, a job which he accepts.  After his visit from Dr Langford, Daniel Jackson concludes his relationship with Sarah Gardner and quits as one of Dr. David Jordan’s assistants and associates before leaving for Colorado.

“Stargate” The Movie & “The Curse” – SG-1


“Stargate” – The Movie

Dr. Daniel Jackson successfully translates the inscriptions on the Giza coverstones in a few weeks.  For the first time in millennia, the stargate is opened linking a wormhole to Abydos – and a team commanded by Colonel Jack O’Neill is sent to explore this strange new world.

Upon arriving at Abydos the team is welcomed by the natives, who believe that Dr. Jackson is an emissary from their god Ra.  However, Ra arrives himself shortly after, and discovers that O’Neill has orders to detonate a nuclear weapon to seal the Abydos stargate in the event that evidence of danger is discovered.  Ra uses this to his advantage, and plans to return the bomb to Earth complete with a shipments of naquada – a mineral which will increase the destructive yield of the nuclear device.

However, the team from Earth successful compel the Abydonians to rebel against Ra, who is subsequently killed when the naquada-enhanced nuclear weapon is transported aboard his pyramid-ship.

Dr. Jackson remains on Abydos, taking Sha’re as his wife.


Upon returning to Earth, Jack O’Neill retires.  He writes a report stating that the bomb was detonated and that all life of Abydos has been destroyed.  He returns home, discovering that his wife has left him.

A probe is sent to Abydos to corroborate O’Neill’s report, but is destroyed upon existing the stargate.  This is due to Dr. Jackson having buried the stargate on Abydos.

The stargate project is shut down, and personnel begin to be transferred out of Cheyenne mountain.

“Children of the Gods” – SG-1


Captain Samantha Carter begins to investigate alternate uses for the stargate, including time travel.

“1969” – SG-1


A big party is held on Abydos to celebrate the liberation from Ra.

A month after O’Neill leaves Abydos, Daniel Jackson discovers another cavern, which contains a cartouche displaying glyphs representing the addresses of other planets, as well as calculations to compensate for stellar drift. Also in the cavern is a dialling device that connects to the Stargate to enable easier inputting of an address. Daniel studies the device for some months at some point moving it nearer the gate.

The rest is well documented in the SG-1 and Atlantis episodes.