Season: 2

Original Airdate: June 26, 1998

Writer(s): Brad Wright

Director(s): Jonathan Glassner

Guest Stars
Tony Amendola as Bra’tac
Robert Wisden as Lt. Colonel Samuels
Peter Williams as Apophis
Alexis Cruz as Klorel/Skaara
Gary Jones as Technician
Laara Sadiq as Technician
Douglas H. Arthurs as Kah’l
Michael Brynjolfson as Jaffa
Phillip Mitchell as Jaffa #2
Bernie Neufeld as General’s Aide

Synopsis: Led by Apophis and Klorel, a fleet of Goa’uld warships launches a surprise attack on Earth. The SG-1 team uses the Stargate to board an incoming enemy ship with enough explosives to destroy the entire force. But the team’s unexpected capture turns their objective into a suicide mission and when Daniel is fatally wounded, Jack is forced to leave him behind.

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