Season: 2

Original Airdate: July 31, 1998

Writer(s): Katharyn Powers

Director(s): William Gereghty

Guest Stars
Tamsin Kelsey as Gairwyn
Andrew Kavadas as Olaf
Douglas H. Arthurs as Heru’ur
Mark Gibbon as Thor
Laara Sadiq as Technician
Michael Tiernan as Horus Warrior

Synopsis: Jack O’Neill and his team return to Cimmeria, where they had previously destroyed the planet’s primary defense against the Goa’uld. When the planet is attacked by Heru’ur, O’Neill and Teal’c lead the people in a counter-strike while Daniel Jackson, Carter and Gairwyn search for the power of the fabled Thor’s Chariot only to find Thor himself.

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