Season: 10

Original Airdate: January 23, 2007

Writer(s): Alan McCullough

Director(s): Andy Mikita

Guest Stars
David Hewlett as Alternate Rodney McKay
Don S. Davis as Alternate Gen. George Hammond
Kavan Smith as Alternate Maj. Lorne
Kendall Cross as Alternate Julia Donovan
Bill Dow as Dr. Bill Lee and Alternate Dr. Bill Lee
Michael Chase as Chief of Staff
Billy Mitchell as Senator
Lisa Bayliss as Senator’s Wife
Travis Woloshyn as Protestor
Robert Mann as Dr. Bennett
Alexander Boynton as Floor Director

Synopsis: An experiment goes wrong, leaving Carter trapped in a parallel reality where martial law has been enforced and the Earth is under attack from the Ori. But the impending threat from the Ori is the least of her concerns when it becomes clear that President Landry may not allow her to return home.

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