Season: 7

Original Airdate: August 1, 2003

Writer(s): Damian Kindler

Director(s): Andy Mikita

Guest Stars
Scott MacDonald as Jarlath
Alex Zahara as Warrick
Patrick Currie as Eamon
Terence Kelly as Hagan
Allan Lysell as Del Tynan
Hillary Cooper as Receptionist
Colin Murdock as Ardal Hadraig
Peter Kelamis as Coyle Boron
Ben Ayres as Muirios
Nick Misura as Taupen
Lindsay Maxwell as La’el Montrose

Synopsis: An enthusiastic Carter uses a valuable naquadah generator to finagle herself into an alien space race with pilot Warrick. There’s a huge contract riding on winning and a conspiracy to rig the race leads to Teal’c being abducted. While O’Neill and Daniel negotiate with the local dignitaries, in the space race Carter faces battle droids, flying into a sun, navigating an asteroid belt, sabotage and hostages!

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