Season: 6

Original Airdate: December 11, 2002

Writer(s): Ron Wilkerson

Director(s): Peter F. Woeste

Guest Stars
Jody Racicot as Vernon Sharpe
Gary Jones as Technician
Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser
Betty Linde as Mrs. Sharpe
Michael Karl Richards as Guardsman
Raimund Stamm as Hitchhike Driver
Jennifer Steede as Flight Attendant
Jacob Chaos as Ticked Off Passenger
Brad Dryborough as Outta Control Driver
Jacquie Janzen as Commissary Airman

Synopsis: SG-1 returns from a mission with an ancient artifact that triggers the ability to see hideous yet harmless life forms in a parallel reality. As the effect spreads to civilians, O’Neill and his team must find a solution before mass hysteria breaks out.

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