Season: 6

Original Airdate: July 26, 2002

Writer(s): Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie

Director(s): Peter DeLuise

Guest Stars
Dean Stockwell as Dr. Kieran
Joel Swetow as First Minister Valis
Doug Abrahams as Commander Hale
Gillian Barber as Ambassador Dreylock
Gary Jones as Technician
Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser
Rob Daly as Resistance Leader
Paul Schiele as Kelownan Soldier
Susie Wickstead as Kelownan Aide

Synopsis: Quinn is conflicted when an old professor from his home planet asks SG-1 to help stage a coup against the Kelownan government in order to stop a civil war. Should SG-1 allow the planet to destroy itself or are they placing themselves in needless danger?

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