Season: 4

Original Airdate: September 29, 2000

Writer(s): Peter DeLuise

Director(s): Martin Wood

Guest Stars
Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter / Selmak
Obi Ndefo as Rak’nor
Paul Koslo as Terok
Peter Williams as Apophis
Douglas H. Arthurs as Heru’ur
Art Kitching as Ma’kar
Daniel Bacon as Technician
Wren Robertz as Red Guard
Nicholas Harrison as Red Guard
Kyle Hogg as Jaffa Boy
Chris Duggan as Heru’ur’s Jaffa

Synopsis: SG-1 travels to a remote interplanetary minefield to sabotage a hazardous alliance between two powerful Goa’uld System Lords. But their mission becomes far more dangerous when they realize Teal’c has been captured by one of the Lords, who plans to use him as a pawn in their evil negotiations.

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