Season: 2

Original Airdate: July 10, 1998

Writer(s): Terry Curtis Fox

Director(s): David Warry-Smith

Guest Stars
Bonnie Bartlett as Linea
Laara Sadiq as Technician
Mark Acheson as Vishnoor
David Bloom as Scavenger
Kim Kondrashoff as Roshure
Colin Lawrence as Major Warren
Michael Puttonen as Simian
Andrew Wheeler as Major Stan Kovacek
Colleen Winton as Dr. Greene

Synopsis: The SG-1 team inadvertently helps a desperate criminal and is charged as an accessory to murder. Sentenced to life imprisonment and banished to a desolate, brutal penal colony called Hadante, they strike a deal to escape with the aid of the powerful and enigmatic Linea, known to the other prisoners as Destroyer of Worlds.

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