Season: 9

Original Airdate: July 29, 2005

Writer(s): Robert C. Cooper

Director(s): Brad Turner

Guest Stars
Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran
Larry Cedar as Prior
Gary Jones as Sergeant Harriman
Bill Dow as Dr. Lee
Mark Houghton as Prior
April Amber Telek as Sallis
Stephen Park as Harridv Special Appearance by Richard Dean Anderson as General Jack O’Neill
Julian Sands as Doci
Lexa Doig as Dr. Lam
Louis Gossett Jr. as Gerak
Paul Moniz de Sá as Fannis
Greg Anderson as Administrator
Gardiner Millar as Yat’Yir
Penelope Corrin as Dr. Lindsay

Synopsis: Daniel and Vala, still in the grips of the Ancient communications device, encounter a Prior, a zealous missionary and highly evolved human with zero tolerance for unbelievers. While this Prior takes them to meet his fiery gods the Ori, another Prior arrives in the Milky Way galaxy to begin preaching Origin, the path to enlightenment. Those who stray from the path…die.

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