Season: 6

Original Airdate: January 15, 2003

Writer(s): Jacqueline Samuda & James Tichenor

Director(s): Peter DeLuise

Guest Stars
Jacqueline Samuda as Nirrti
Alex Zahara as Eggar
Dion Johnstone as Wodan
Raoul Ganeev as Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Evanov
Gary Jones as Technician
Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser
Alex Rae as Alebran
Jacquie Janzen as Lieutenant Rush
Dan Payne as Jaffa Commander

Synopsis: SG-1 discovers that Nirrti, attempting to create the perfect human host, is mutating the inhabitants of an unexplored planet with a machine that rearranges their DNA. Captured by Nirrti, SG-1 must find a way to escape before they’re subjected to the same fate.

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