Season: 7

Original Airdate: March 2, 2004

Writer(s): Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper

Director(s): Martin Wood

Guest Stars
William Devane as President Harry Hayes
Jessica Steen as Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Tony Amendola as Bra’tac
David Palffy as Anubis
Gary Jones as Technician
Ronny Cox as Vice President Robert Kinsey
Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds
Jason Howell as Major Harper
Jerr Weddell as Jaffa Commander
Igor Morozov as Russian Man
Mark Pawson as Secret Service Man
Dee Jay Jackson as Cab Driver
Ron Blecker as SG-3 Airman
John Prowse as Colonel Pearson
Holly Dignard as President’s Aide
Dan Payne as Kull Warrior
Jason “Twitch” Calder as SG-3 Soldier
John MacDonald as SG-3 Soldier
John Sampson as SG-5 Soldier
Bill Edwards as SG-5 Soldier
Bill Stewart as Jaffa
Ed Anders as Jaffa
Gavin Buhr as Jaffa
Ken Kirzinger as Jaffa
Nigel Johnson as Jaffa
Bonnie Arbuthnot as Bonnie

Synopsis: In pursuit of the Lost City, Daniel leads SG-1 to an Ancient repository. Under fire from Anubis, Jack again takes the download of Ancient knowledge, knowing it’s at the cost of his life. President Hayes removes Hammond from command and installs Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a civilian. Bra’tac arrives with news that Anubis and his forces are planning to attack Earth in three days.

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