Season: 8

Original Airdate: August 6, 2004

Writer(s): Damian Kindler

Director(s): Peter F. Woeste

Guest Stars
Amy Sloan as Leda Kane
Timothy Webber as Commander Gareth
Matthew Bennett as Jared Kane
James Kidnie as Soren
Gary Jones as Technician
Richard Side as Guide
Chris Redmond as Tian
Leanne Adachi as Rebel Aide
Preston Cook as Radio Man
Charles Zuckermann as Rebel Soldier

Synopsis: SG-1’s arrival on a planet sparks a religious uprising that becomes a world war. Trapped while trying to stop it, Daniel Jackson takes refuge with the alien woman Leda. The SGC finally reaches Daniel by radio, and he suggests a plan to overcome the religious zealots. With Leda’s people, Daniel and the SG teams succeed in ending the war, but millions of people have already died.

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