Season: 9

Original Airdate: March 3, 2006

Writer(s): Robert C. Cooper

Director(s): Robert C. Cooper

Guest Stars
Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran
Tim Guinee as Tomin
Daniella Evangelista as Denya
Garry Chalk as Colonel Chekov
Tamlyn Tomita as Shen Xiaoyi
Michael Ironside as Seevis
Doug Abrahams as Prior
Alex Dafoe as Halstrom
Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler

Synopsis: Using the Ancient communication device and its stones, Vala takes over Daniel’s body at the SGC and recounts the story of what has happened to her since she was transported to the galaxy of the Ori. She is married and mysteriously pregnant, and she warns the SGC that the Ori are gathering ships and armies for a massive crusade to rid the Milky Way galaxy of its evil unbelievers.

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