Season: 1

Original Airdate: July 27, 1997

Writer(s): Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright

Director(s): Mario Azzopardi

Guest Stars
Jay Acovone as Major Charles Kawalsky
Vaitiare Bandera as Sha’re
Robert Wisden as Major Samuels
Peter Williams as Apophis
Brent Stait as Major Louis Ferretti
Gary Jones as Technician
Alexis Cruz as Skaara

Synopsis: When Sha’re and Skaara are kidnapped, Jack returns with Daniel to Earth where a new team is formed to battle the alien threat: SG-1. They go through to another world, home to Apophis, an alien parasite like Ra. Sha’re and Skaara are taken as hosts while the members of SG-1 are rescued by the most unlikely ally: Apophis’ First Prime Teal’c.

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