Daniel Jackson has died or come close to dying a large amount of times throughout the series. This was seemingly a running joke among the writing staff and Michael Shanks. Shanks has said Robert C. Cooper “gets a kick out of this stuff.”

While Daniel has only actually died twice (Meridian and Reckoning Part 2) there were many cases where he would have died, died in an alternate timeline or as an alternate version.

Episode: The Nox
Season: 1
Cause of Death:  Jaffa Staff blast
Revived/ healed by: The Nox

Episode: Fire and Water
Season: 1
Cause of Death:  The rest of SG-1 was implanted with false memories that made them believe Daniel was killed during the mission. Daniel didn’t actually die here.
Revived/ healed by: SG-1 returned to the planet and found Daniel alive.

Episode: Within The Serpent’s Grasp Part 2
Season: 2
Cause of Death: Left behind to die after being mortally wounded by a Jaffa on Korel’s ship bound for Earth
Revived/ healed by: Healed himself in Klorel’s sarcophagus.

Episode: Need
Season: 2
Cause of Death: Crushed by a rock slide on P3R-636
Revived/ healed by: Pyrus’s sarcophagus.(May not have been dead)

Episode: Holiday
Season: 2
Cause of Death: Switched bodies with an old man, Ma’chello, dying of old age after touching an alien device.
Revived/ healed by: Was returned to his own body.

Episode: Crystal Skull
Season: 3
Cause of Death: Considered missing after being made invisible by a burst of radiation emitted by a crystal skull.
Revived/ healed by:  SG-1 returned the skull to the alien temple.

Episode: 2010
Season: 4
Cause of Death: Killed by Aschen automated defense system while sending a warning note back thought the Stargate.
Revived/ healed by:  Alternate timeline.

Episode: The Light
Season: 4
Cause of Death: After becoming addicted a machine on a planet, falls into a coma and flat-lines from withdrawal effects.
Revived/ healed by:  Returning to planet and turning down the machine

Episode: Meridian
Season: 5
Cause of Death: Exposed to a lethal dose of Naquadria radiation while saving the Kelowna people and the rest of SG-1
Revived/ healed by: Asended with the guide of Oma Desala.

Episode: Avatar
Season: 8
Cause of Death: Died many times inside a video game.
Revived/ healed by: Helped Teal’c defeat it.

Episode: Reckoning Part 2 and Threads
Season: 8
Cause of Death: Killed by Replicator Carter stabbing him with a blade formed out of her arm. (Reckoning Part 2)
Revived/ healed by: Brought to a semi-asended state by Oma and later returned to corporeal form. (Threads)

Episode: Moebius Part 1 and 2
Season: 8
Cause of Death: Died twice. Original of old age. Alternate Killed by Teal’c for being a Goa’uld spy.
Revived/ healed by:  Alternate timeline