Season: 1

Original Airdate: July 16, 2004

Writer(s): Robert C. Cooper & Brad Wright

Director(s): Martin Wood

Guest Stars
Richard Dean Anderson as Gen. Jack O’Neill
Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson
Robert Patrick as Col. Marshall Sumner
Garwin Sanford as Simon Wallace
Paul McGillion as Dr. Carson Beckett
Andee Frizzell as Female Wraith
Craig Veroni as Peter Grodin
Christopher Heyerdahl as Halling
Dean Marshall as Sgt. Bates
Boyan Vukelic as Sgt. Stackhouse
Reece Thompson as Jinto
Stefano Colacitti as Toran
Casey Dubois as Wex
Melia McClure as Holgrammatic Female Ancient
Dan Shea as Sgt. Siler
David Milchard as SGC Technician
Edmond Wong as Atlantis Technician
Bro Gilbert, Peter Grasso as Scientists
James Lafazanos as Male Wraith
Dan Payne as Wraith Warrior
Ona Grauer as Female Ancient
Aaron Dudley as Male Ancient
Mary Joan Buchanan as Beckett’s Mom

Synopsis: When SG-1 discovers what they believe to be the remnants of the Lost City of the Ancients, the originators of the Stargates, Stargate Command launches an investigation. A new team of explorers, headed by civilian Dr. Elizabeth Weir, travels to the distant Pegasus Galaxy, where they discover an advanced but deserted city on the ocean floor, a group of nomadic humans, and a deadly enemy that feeds on humans as an energy source!

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