Season: 3

Original Airdate: July 21, 2006

Writer(s): Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie

Director(s): Martin Wood

Guest Stars
Mitch Pileggi as Col. Steven Caldwell
Emy Aneke as Lt. Morrison
Chuck Campbell as Atlantis Technician
Kirby Morrow as Daedalus Technician
Connor Trinneer as Michael Kenmore
Brahm Taylor as Lathan
Scott Heindl as Merrick Wraith
Christopher Heyerdahl as Male Wraith
Eddy Huber as Human Wraith
Robert Picardo as Richard Woolsey
Gary Jones as Chief Sgt. Walter Harriman

Synopsis: Richard Woolsey travels to Atlantis to evaluate Dr. Weir’s leadership. Meanwhile, Dr. Beckett and Sheppard are at odds over what to do with the former Wraith transformed into humans by the retrovirus.

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