Season: 4

Original Airdate: February 15, 2008

Writer(s): Carl Binder

Director(s): Andy Mikita

Guest Stars
Christopher Judge as Teal’c
Rob LaBelle as Mr. Coolidge
Bill Dow as Dr. Bill Lee
Scott Heindl as Wraith Commander
Ben Cotton as Dr. Kavanagh
Brendan Penny as Wraith
Gary Jones as Sgt. Walter Harriman
Toren Atkinson as Dempster
Chuck Campbell as Chuck
Nickolas Baric as Hester
James Chutter as Wraith Scientist

Synopsis: Teal’c goes to Atlantis to mentor Ronon ahead of an IOA review to determine his suitability for the Stargate program. Meanwhile, the Wraith kick-start a plot against the Midway Station.

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