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Basic Info

Full Name: William Thomas Riker

Nickname/s: Will, Number One

Species: Human

Location of Birth: Alaska, Earth

Birth Date: August 19, 2335

Serial Number: SC-231-427

Quarters Location: Formerly, Enterprise D: Room 0912, first Deck 8, then Deck 9

Rank: Commander (TNG Seasons 1-7 and Movies)
Captain (Nemesis)

Position: First Officer (TNG Seasons 1-7 and Movies)
Commanding Officer (End of Nemesis)

Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet

Schooling/ Training: Graduated Starfleet Academy, 8th in his Class, in 2357.


Location Starting Rank Notable Events
U.S.S. Pegasus Ensign (Conn Officer) Involved in Pegasus incident as explained in the episode TNG The Pegasus.
Betazed Lieutenant Where he met Deanna Troi and began a relationship that lasted 7 years.
U.S.S. Potemkin Lieutenant Involved in a transporter accident that created a duplicate, Thomas Riker.  TNG Second Chances.
U.S.S. Hood Lieutenant Commander (First Officer) Almost Court martial-ed for refusing to allow his captain to beam into a hostile situation on a planet.
U.S.S. Enterprise D Commander (First Officer) See the episodes section of this page for notable events during this timeframe.
U.S.S. Enterprise E Commander (First Officer) See the episodes section of this page for notable events during this timeframe.
U.S.S. Titan Captain Took up position at the end of Nemesis.

Personal Life


Mother: Betty Riker

Father: Kyle Riker

Wife: Deanna Troi

Mother-In-Law: Lwaxana Troi

Transporter Duplicate: Thomas Riker

Hobbies and Interests

Trombone: Plays as a hobby, not professionally. Likes to play jazz.

Poker: Participates in ships weekly poker games.

Cooking: Enjoys making a home cooked (Non-replicator) meal.


Number of Episodes:
TNG: 178/178 Movies: 4 ENT: 1

First Episode Appeared in:
Encounter at farpoint S1 E1

Last Episode Appeared in:
These Are the Voyages… (Enterprise Season 5)

Episodes Featuring Riker:

Hide and Q (TNG S1)

Is temporary given the power of Q.

Conspiracy (TNG S1)

Resisted against an alien conspiracy aimed at taking over Starfleet Command though infesting people with parasitic beings.

A Matter of Honor (TNG S2)

Temporary transfers to a Klingon Bird-of-Prey as part of the Officer Exchange Program.

Shades of Gray (TNG S2)

Is stung by a thorn that contained an organism that attacked his nervous system. Pulaski was able to stimulate memory centers in his brain which allowed the organism to be suppressed.

Peak Performance (TNG S2)

Skillfully commanded the poorly maintained U.S.S. Hathaway in a battle exercise. Then successfully executed a plan to trick an attacking Ferengi marauder.

A Matter of Perspective (TNG S3)

Was placed under arrest for the murder of Dr. Apgar when the station he was on exploded after Riker beamed away. The Enterprise crew conducted there own investigation revealing the beam that caused the explosion was meant to kill Riker. All charges are dropped.

The Best of Both Worlds Part 1 (TNG S3)

Commanded the Enterprise during the Battle of Wolf 359.

The Best of Both Worlds Part 2 (TNG S4)

Formulated and successfully enacted a plan to rescue Picard from the the Borg.

Future Imperfect (TNG S4)

Is trapped in a generated fantasy future world by the lonely alien Barash.

First Contact (TNG S4)

Riker is injured while undercover on a pre-first contact world and brought to a hospital where his true nature is discovered.

The Outcast (TNG S5)

Had a forbidden relationship with Soren a J’nail who preferred the gender of female among a race that had no genders. When discovered she was arrested and given psychological treatment to remove these feelings of a gender.

Schisms (TNG S6)

Was abducted and studied by solanogen-based lifeforms from another universe along with other members of the crew.

Chain of Command Part 1 (TNG S6)

Had a difficult time adjusting to captain Jellico’s overbearing command after he took over from Picard.

Chain of Command Part 2 (TNG S6)

After a verbal confrontation about rescuing Picard from the Cardassians he was revealed of duty. He was later returned to duty after a plan to amush the Cardassian fleet required he expert piloting skills.

Frame of Mind (TNG S6)

While undercover Riker is captured by the Tilonians who attempt a neural drain to gain secrets from his mind. These experiments threatened his sanity. To fight this torture he accessed memories from the play Frame of Mind he had recently preformed.

Second Chances (TNG S6)

A transporter duplicate of Riker is found. Thomas Riker was created by a transporter malfunction while Will Riker was serving on the Potemkin.

The Pegasus (TNG S7)

The wreckage of Riker’s old ship the Pegasus is found. It is discovered the ship was involved with illegal phasing cloaking device testing. Riker was arrested for his part in this along with his old commanding officer, but was later allowed to return to duty.

Generations (Movie)

Riker was in command during the Enterprise D’s final battle. During the fight with the Duras sisters, which was ultimately won, the Enterprise suffered catastrophic damage. Riker gave the order to evacuate the crew and separate the Saucer section. When the battle sections warp core breached the shockwave caused the saucer section to crash into the nearby planet. The entire crew survived..

First Contact (Movie)

After being sent back in time by the Borg, co-pilots the first warp flight with Zefram Cochrane. The warp signature is picked up by a passing Vulcan ship which changes course and makes first contact with us.

Insurrection (Movie)

Took the Enterprise out of the Biar Patch to alert Starfleet over the issues with the relocation. Invented the tactic dubbed the Riker maneuverer resulting in the destruction one and crippling of another Son’a ships. He also shaves his beard in this movie.

Nemesis (Movie)

Marries Deanna Troi. Accepts his own command on the Titan. Fights in hand-to-hand combat and defeats the Reman Viceroy.

The Actor

Name: Jonathan Frakes

Birthday: August 19, 1952

Place of Birth: Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonathansfrakes

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000408/

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