Plot: Star Trek: Voyager (VOY) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Kathryn Janeway aboard the U.S.S. Voyager.  Smaller than either Kirk’s or Picard’s starships—its crew complement is only 150—Voyager is fast and powerful, and has the ability to land on a planet’s surface.  It is one of the most technologically advanced vessels in Starfleet, utilizing computer circuitry that incorporates synthetic neural tissue.  Ironically, Janeway’s inaugural mission aboard Voyager was to be her last in the Alpha quadrant.  While attempting to capture the crew of a renegade Maquis vessel, both her ship and that of the Maquis were pulled into the distant Delta quadrant by powerful alien technology.  Unfortunately, there would be no similar “express” route to take them home again.  Stranded 70,000 light-years from Earth, Janeway convinced the Maquis to join her Starfleet crew and serve together during the long voyage back to Federation space. ( )

Rating:  TV-PG

Creator: Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor, Gene Roddenberry

Episode Runtime: 44 minutes 

Network: United Paramount Network (UPN)

Distributors:  CBS Paramount Domestic Television

On TV: 1995- 2001 (7 Seasons – 172 Episodes)




David Livingston
Winrich Kolbe
Allan Kroeker
Michael Vejar
Cliff Bole
Alexander Singer
Terry Windell
Les Landau
LeVar Burton
Jesús Salvador Treviño
James L. Conway
Kim Friedman
Robert Duncan McNeill
Anson Williams
Jonathan Frakes
Robert Scheerer
Marvin V. Rush
Robert Picardo
Kenneth Biller
Nancy Malone
Andrew Robinson
Allan Eastman
John T. Kretchmer
Victor Lobl
Roxann Dawson
John Bruno

Rick Berman
Michael Piller
Gene Roddenberry
Jeri Taylor
Brannon Braga
Joe Menosky
Kenneth Biller
Bryan Fuller
Michael Taylor
Lisa Klink
Robert Doherty
Mike Sussman
Raf Green
André Bormanis
Jimmy Diggs
Mark Gaberman
Andrew Price
Nick Sagan
Harry ‘Doc’ Kloor
James Kahn
Phyllis Strong
Ronald Wilkerson
Robin Bernheim
Greg Elliot
Steve J. Kay
Michael Perricone
Jean Louise Matthias
Anthony Williams
Thomas E. Szollosi
Shawn Piller
Ronald D. Moore

Executive producer – Rick Berman
Producer / co-supervising producer – Merri D. Howard
Executive producer / supervising producer – Brannon Braga
Supervising producer / producer – Peter Lauritson
Line producer / co-producer – Brad Yacobian
Co-producer / producer – Kenneth Biller
Co-producer / producer – J.P. Farrell
Co-producer / associate producer – Dawn Velazquez
Producer / co-executive producer – Joe Menosky
Executive producer – Jeri Taylor
Producer / co-producer – Wendy Neuss
Associate producer – Stephen Welke
Executive producer – Michael Piller
Producer – Robin Bernheim
Co-producer – Bryan Fuller
Supervising producer – James Kahn
Supervising producer – David Livingston
Co-executive producer – Ronald D. Moore

Music – Dennis McCarthy
Music – Jay Chattaway
Music – David Bell
Music – Paul BaillargeonFoley artist – Jerry Trent
Supervising sound editor – Bill Wistrom
Sound editor – Ashley Harvey
Sound editor – Dale Chaloukian
Adr recordist – Daryl Lathrop
Foley mixer – Chris Trent
Adr mixer – Alfred T. Ferrante
Sound editor – Masanobu ‘Tomi’ Tomita
Supervising sound effects editor – James Wolvington
Sound mixer – Alan Bernard
Sound editor – Ruth Adelman
Sound editor – Miguel Rivera
Utility sound – Dennis C. Salcedo
Boom operator – John Agalsoff Jr.
Foley mixer – Marty Church
Adr mixer: New York – Mark DeSimone
Sound editor – Wilson Dyer
Sound recordist – Chris Elam
Sound recordist – Dennis Petersen
Adr mixer – Dean St. John

Marvin V. Rush
Douglas Knapp

Daryl Baskin
Robert Lederman
Tom Benko
Brian Q. Kelley

Wig designer – Erwin H. Kupitz
Makeup artist – Suzanne Diaz
Makeup artist – Jeff Lewis
Special makeup effects artist / makeup artist – Belinda Bryant
Makeup designer and supervisor / makeup artist – Michael Westmore
Makeup artist / key makeup artist – Scott Wheeler
Makeup artist – Greg Nelson
Makeup artist – Tina Hoffman
Hair designer / hair stylist РJos̩e Normand
Makeup artist – Mark Shostrom
Hair stylist – Karen Asano-Myers
Hair stylist – Patricia Miller
Hair designer / hair stylist – Suzan Bagdadi
Additional hair stylist – Elizabeth Rabe
Hair stylist – Barbara Minster
Hair stylist – Shawn McKay
Hair stylist – Laura Connolly
Hair stylist – Charlotte Parker
Makeup artist – Brad Look
Makeup artist – Natalie Wood
Makeup artist – Gilbert A. Mosko
Hair stylist – Gloria Montemayor
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Makeup artist – David Quashnick
Makeup artist – James Rohland
Staff makeup artist – Adam Brandy
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Makeup artist – Michael Burnett
Hair stylist – Monique DeSart
Special makeup effects artist – Jake Garber
Makeup artist – Cynthia Hernandez
Makeup artist – Michael Key
Makeup artist – Heather Koontz
Makeup artist – Barry R. Koper
Special makeup effects artist – Margie Latinopoulos
Makeup artist – Ani Maloney
Makeup artist – Alex Proctor
Makeup artist – Kathleen Sandoval
Makeup artist – Jennifer Turchi
Makeup artist – R. Stephen Weber
Special makeup effects artist – Derik Wingo

Costume designer – Robert Blackman
Wardrobe supervisor / costume supervisor – Carol Kunz
Key costumer – Tom Siegel
Key costumer – Matthew A. Hoffman
Key costumer – Jamie Thomas
Wardrobe supervisor / key costumer – Camille Argus
Key costumer – Kimberley Shull
Key costumer – Kimberley J. Thompson
Costumer – Brian Cotton

Scenic art supervisor / scenic art consultant – Michael Okuda
Property master – Alan Sims
Computer & video supervisor – Denise Okuda
Construction coordinator – Al Smutko
Senior illustrator – Rick Sternbach
Set designer / assistant art director – Louise Dorton
On-set dresser – Eric Rood
Scenic artist / junior illustrator – Jim Magdaleno
Scenic artist – Wendy Drapanas
Props – Ed Miarecki
Scenic artist – Geoffrey Mandel
Set designer – Gary Speckman
Art department production assistant – Gayliann Harvey
Scenic artist – James Van Over
Construction gang boss – Lloyd A. Buswell
Props – Dragon Dronet
Set designer – Timothy M. Earls

Special effects

Special effects – Jeffrey Baxter
Special effects – Dick Brownfield
Special effects costumes – Ben Chester
Special effects technician – Thomas D. Bacho Jr.
Animatronic baby effects – Andy Clement
Special effects crew – Edward J. Franklin
Borg suit and space suit electronics – Alan McFarland
Special effects coordinator – Richard Ratliff

Visual effects

Digital artist / digital compositor – Jeffrey Baxter
Visual effects associate – Armen V. Kevorkian
Visual effects compositor assistant – John Hirota
Visual effects producer / visual effects supervisor – Dan Curry
Visual effects series coordinator / visual effects associate – Edward L. Williams
CGI supervisor – David Lombardi
Visual effects associate / visual effects coordinator – Arthur J. Codron
Visual effects supervisor – Ronald B. Moore
Visual effects producer – Ron Thornton
Visual effects coordinator / visual effects supervisor – Joe Bauer
Visual effects associate / visual effects coordinator – Cheryl Gluckstern
Visual effects supervisor – David Stipes
Digital effects artist – P.J. Foley
Digital compositing artist – Mark Breakspear
Visual effects / computer modeler – Brandon MacDougall
Visual effects coordinator – Michael Backauskas
Visual effects series coordinator / visual effects coordinator – Philip Barberio
Visual effects assistant editor / visual effects coordinator – Elizabeth Castro
Visual effects artist / computer graphics animator – Jeremy Hunt
Visual effects – Chris Zapara
Compositor – Rony Soussan
Animation supervisor: SBS – Eric Guaglione
Digital effects artist / visual effects: titles – Mark Wendell
Computer graphics supervisor – John F. Gross
Visual effects associate / visual effects coordinator – Chad Zimmerman
Visual effects compositor / digital compositor – Paul Hill
Animator / visual effects artist – Gregory Rainoff
Matte artist / matte paintings – Eric Chauvin
Visual effects supervisor – Robert D. Bailey
Visual effects supervisor – Mitch Suskin
Compositor: Open Films / matte artist: Open Films – Patrick Zentis
Visual effects assistant editor – Paul Villasenor
Visual effects coordinator – Karen N. Sickles
Digital compositor – Pam Vick
Visual effects artist – Kyle Toucher
Computer graphics supervisor / lead animator – Bruce Branit
Computer graphics animator – Fred Pienkos
CGI artist / animator – John Teska
CGI supervisor – David R. Morton
Visual effects animator – Dave Adams
Digital effects supervisor – John Allardice
Digital artist / visual effects animator – Laura Barbera
Lead artist workforce pt 1&2: Digital Firepower – Jamie Baxter
Digital artist – Bethany Berndt-Shackelford
Digital effects artist – Victor Bornia
CGI supervisor – Grant Boucher
Visual effects: EdenFX – Danny Braet
Tape operator – John Campuzano
Digital artist – Steve Carpenter
Visual effects animator – Simon Coombs
Digital artist – John ‘JD’ Daniel
Digital effects artist – Brandon Davis
Digital artist – Jarrod Davis
Visual effects coordinator – Youssef Delara
System engineer – Mike Donahue
Digital artist: Foundation Imaging – Pierre Drolet
Computer graphics lead animator: Digital Magic – Leif Einarsson
Digital effects artist – Brian Fisher
Animation supervisor: main titles / effects supervisor: main titles – John Grower
Visual effects animator – Edward Helmers
Visual effects animator – Tom Helmers
Digital compositor – Sherry Hitch
Visual effects assistant editor – Ed Hoffmeister
Visual effects: final episode – Russell Isler
Model constructor – Gregory Jein
Visual effects producer – Bruce Jones
Compositor – Michael Kaelin
3D artist – Mark Kochinski
Digital artist: Foundation Imaging – Koji Kuramura
Digital modeler – Errol Lanier
Motion control operator – Mike Leben
Computer graphics animation supervisor – Adam ‘Mojo’ Lebowitz
Digital compositor – Rodney J. McFall
Digital modeler – David B. Mooy
Visual effects – Jose Perez
Digital artist – Kevin Quattro
Motion control cameraman – Jim Rider
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Visual effects – Sean M. Scott
Cg supervisor – Emile Edwin Smith
Visual effects animator: Foundation Imaging – Michael Stetson
Visual effects animator – Lee Stringer
Visual effects producer: Foundation Imaging – Claudia Sumner
Visual effects supervisor – David Takemura
Visual effects – Ka Yaw Tan
Storyboard artist: main title – Erik Tiemens
Digital artist – Aristomenis Tsirbas
Animation supervisor: Equinox creatures – Kelly Wilcox
Visual effects producer – Lance Wilhoite
Digital compositor – Bob Williamson
Visual effects supervisor – Tom Williamson
Assistant compositor – Larry Younger

Stunt coordinator – Dennis Madalone
Stunt double / stunt performer – George B. Colucci Jr.
Stunt performer – Chester E. Tripp III
Stunt double: Roxann Dawson / stunt double: Virginia Madsen – Leslie Hoffman
Stunt performer – Laurence Todd Rosenthal
Stunts – Brian Simpson
Stunt double: Carolyn Seymour / stunt double: Marjorie Monaghan – Patricia Tallman
Stunt double – Joe Murphy
Stunts / utility stunts – Stephen Pisani
Stunts – Elle Alexander
Stunts – Chuck Borden
Utility stunts – Stephen R. Hudis
Stunts – Hubie Kerns Jr.
Stunts – Lane Leavitt
Stunts – Scott Leva
Stunts – Johnny Martin
Stunt double – Tom Morga
Stunt double – Rick Sawaya
Stunts – Paul E. Short
Utility stunts – Lou Simon
Stunts – Tim Sitarz
Stunt double: Jeri Ryan – Monica Staggs
Stunts – Gary Ray Stearns

Key video engineer / video playback operator – Ben Betts
Dolly grip – George Santo Pietro
Steadicam operator – Gavin Ames
Still photographer – Michael Yarish
Chief lighting technician – William L. Peets
Video coordinator / video supervisor – Denise Okuda
First company grip – Randy Burgess
First company grip – Robert Sordal
Camera operator – Joe Chess
Camera operator – Douglas Knapp
Electrician – Patric J. Abaravich
Key first assistant camera – Maricella Ramirez
Super technocrane operator – Ray Patrick
Grip – Mark Vollmer
Lighting technician – Martin Reder
Camera operator – Ronald E. High
Second assistant camera – Christian H. Burton
Assistant camera – Jayma L. Koerner
Camera operator: video camera – William L. Asman
Assistant camera – Thomas Bango
Additional still photographer – Paul McCallum
First company grip – Tom Bookout
Rigging gaffer – Brian S. Cooper
Camera operator – Sean Fairburn
Camera operator – Peter B. Kowalski
Still photographer – Wren Maloney
Camera operator – Pernell Youngblood Tyus

Production management

Unit production manager – Brad Yacobian
Post-production supervisor – Dawn Velazquez
Post-production supervisor – Tim Scanlan

Assistant director

Second assistant director / second second assistant director – Michael DeMeritt
Second assistant director / first assistant director – Arlene Fukai
Second second assistant director / dga trainee – Michael Risner
Assistant director – Wainani Young-Tomich
First assistant director – Adele Simmons
First assistant director – Jerry Fleck
Dga trainee – Kevin Koster
Trainee assistant director – Hans Berggren
Second assistant director: second unit – Doug Corring
Trainee assistant director – Craig Harris
Dga trainee – Jeani Harris-Olivieri
Dga trainee – Michelle Jaeger
Second second assistant director – Dinah LeHoven
Dga trainee – Ted Leonard
Dga trainee – Jodie Thomas
Second assistant director – David Trotti

Other Crew:

Technical consultant / technical advisor – Michael Okuda
Creative consultant – Michael Piller
Creative consultant – Jeri Taylor
Executive story editor / show staff writer – Lisa Klink
Production assistant: art department / production assistant – Gayliann Harvey
Executive story editor / story editor – Bryan Fuller
Story editor / executive story editor – Michael Taylor
Science consultant РAndr̩ Bormanis
Title designer: main title / title designer – Dan Curry
Pre-production coordinator – Lolita Fatjo
Script supervisor – Cosmo Genovese
Production coordinator – Diane Overdiek
Production associate – David Rossi
Technical consultant / technical advisor – Rick Sternbach
Script supervisor – Jan Rudolph
Production associate – Sandra Sena
Business affairs – Jeffrey Schneider
Production associate – Zayra Cabot
Production associate – Eric A. Stillwell
Executive story editor – Kenneth Biller
Story editor / assistant to producers – Robert Doherty
Story editor – Nick Sagan
Titles – Amy D’Alessandro
Story editor – Phyllis Strong
Story editor – Mike Sussman
Pre-production coordinator – Maggie Allen
Production associate – Kristine Fernandez
Systems engineer: Foundation Imaging – Jeremy Lang
Power pod technician / remote head technician – Laurie Morgenthal
Location manager – Lisa White
Video coordinator – Denise Okuda
Assistant to producers – Christopher Culhane
Story concept – James Swallow
Armorer – Peter K. Orr
Story concept – Robert Albanez
Executive in charge: UPN – James Bethea
Systems engineer – Brent Burpee
Hand double: “Captain Janeway” – Trisha Burton
Promotion manager – Allen Fogderude
Production assistant / production associate – Joanna Fuller
Assistant to producer – Terry Matalas
Production assistant – Dylan Morss
Assistant to producers – Michael O’Halloran
Production assistant – Jen Pray
Assistant to producer – Karen Ragan
First assistant accountant – Lenore Sena
Production accountant – Suzie Shimizu

Cast / Starfleet Personnel


Kathryn Janeway

Played by: Kate Mulgrew
Rank: Captain
Species: Human


Played By: Robert Beltran
Rank: Commander on Voyager
Species: Human


Played By: Tim Russ
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Vulcan

Tom Paris

Played By: Robert Duncan McNeill
Rank: Lieutenant on Voyager
Species: Human

B’Elanna Torres

Played By: Roxann (Biggs-)Dawson
Last Starfleet Rank: Chief Engineer of Voyager
Species: Half-Klingon, Half-Human

Harry Kim

Played By: Garrett Wang
Rank: Ensign
Species: Human

The Doctor

Played By: Robert Picardo
Rank: Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)
Species: Hologram


Played By: Ethan Phillips
Final Rank: Civilian
Species: Talaxian

Seven of Nine

Played By: Jeri Ryan
Rank: Civilian
Species: Human/ Former Borg


Played By: Jennifer Lien
Rank: Civilian
Species: Ocampa

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