Season: 7

Original Airdate: 11/8/2000

Writer(s): Robert Doherty
Director(s): Allan Kroeker

Guest Stars
Dwight Schultz as Reginald Barclay
Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi
Richard Herd as Admiral Paris
Richard McGonagle as Commander Peter Harkins
Frank Corsentino as Gegis
Christopher Neiman as Yeggie
Michael William Rivkin as Nunk
Sharisse Baker-Bernard as Leosa

Stardate: 54208.3

Synopsis: A hologram of Reginald Barclay arrives in a data stream with plans to get Voyager home within three days, by traveling through a “geodesic fold”. However, the Doctor soon becomes suspicious of the holographic Barclay’s behavior.

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