Season: 6

Original Airdate: 1/19/2000

Writer(s): Michael Taylor
Director(s): Gabrielle Beaumont

Guest Stars
Melik Malkasian as Shaman
Walter H. McCready as Tribal Alien
Obi Ndefo as Protector
Olaf Pooley as Cleric
Daniel Zacapa as Astronomer
Jon Cellini as Technician
Daniel Dae Kim as Pilot
Kat Sawyer-Young as Astronaut

Stardate: Unknown

Synopsis: When Voyager is trapped in orbit of a unique planet, they learn that time moves far faster on that planet than in the rest of the galaxy. Although Voyager is stuck in orbit only for a matter of days, from the perspective of the planet, the “Skyship” has been watching them for centuries, and becomes a guiding force for the development of their civilization.

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