Season: 7

Original Airdate: 4/18/2001

Writer(s): Brannon Braga
Director(s): David Livingston

Guest Stars
Dwight Schultz as Reginald Barclay
Richard Herd as Admiral Paris
Barry Gordon as Broht
Joseph Campanella as Arbitrator
Lorinne Vozoff as Irene Hansen
Juan Garcia as John Torres
Robert Ito as John Kim
Irene Tsu as Mary Kim
Brock Burnett as Male N.D.
Jennifer Hammon as Female N.D.
Heather Young as Sickbay N.D.

Stardate: 54732.3

Synopsis: A means of direct communication is established with Voyager allowing each crew member to speak with family and friends. The Doctor sends a holo-novel for publication based on a lost starship with a doctor who is treated like a slave, which causes controversy among the members of the ship.

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