Season: 3

Original Airdate: February 28, 1969
Writer(s): Teleplay: Margaret Armen
Story: David Gerrold and Oliver Crawford
Director(s): Jud Taylor
Guest Stars
Jeff Corey as Plasus
Diana Ewing as Droxine
Charlene Polite as Vanna
Fred Williamson as Anka
Ed Long as Midro
Kirk Raymone as Cloud Guard #1
Jimmy Fields as Cloud Guard #2
Garth Pillsbury as Prisoner
William Blackburn as Lt. Hadley
Harv Selsby as Guard
Marvin Walters as Troglyte #2
Louie Elias as Troglyte #1
Jay Jones as Prisoner #2
Richard Geary as Cloud City Sentinel #1
Bob Miles as Cloud City Sentinel #2
Stardate: 5818.4

Synopsis: The crew find a mining planet with rulers in a cloud city oppressing miners.

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