Season: 1

Original Airdate: February 1965

Writer(s): Gene Roddenberry

Director(s): Robert Butler

Guest Stars
Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike
Susan Oliver as Vina
Meg Wyllie as The Keeper
Majel Barrett as Number One
John Hoyt as Dr. Phillip Boyce
Peter Duryea as Lieutenant José Tyler
Laurel Goodwin as Yeoman J. M. Colt
Clegg Hoyt as Transporter Chief Pitcairn
Malachi Throne as The Keeper (voice)
Michael Dugan as The Kaylar
Georgia Schmidt as First Talosian
Robert C. Johnson as First Talosian (voice)
Serena Sande as Second Talosian
Jon Lormer as Dr. Theodore Haskins
Adam Roarke as C.P.O. Garrison
Leonard Mudie as Second Survivor
Anthony Jochim as Third Survivor
Ed Madden as Enterprise Geologist
Robert Phillips as Space Officer (Orion)
Joseph Mell as Earth Trader
Janos Prohaska as Anthropoid Ape / Humanoid Bird

Stardate:  Unknown

Synopsis: Capt. Christopher Pike is captured by aliens with mental abilities.

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