Season: 1

Original Airdate:February 2, 1967

Writer(s): Teleplay: Don M. Mankiewicz and Steven W. Carabatsos
Story: Don M. Mankiewicz

Director(s):Marc Daniels

Guest Stars
Elisha Cook, Jr. as Samuel T. Cogley, Esq.
Percy Rodriguez as Commodore Stone
Joan Marshall as Lt. Areel Shaw
Richard Webb as Lt. Cdr. Ben Finney
Hagan Beggs as Helmsman
Winston DeLugo as Timothy
Alice Rawlings as Jame Finney
Nancy Wong as Personnel Officer
Bart Conrad as Capt. Krasnovsky
William Meader as Capt. Lindstrom
Reginald Lal Singh as Capt. Nensi Chandra

Stardate: 2947.3

Synopsis: Kirk is accused of murdering one of his crew.

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