Season: 1

Original Airdate: 10/24/1987

Writer(s): Diane Duane & Michael Reaves
Director(s): Robert Bowman

Guest Stars
Stanley Kamel as Kosinski
Eric Menyuk as the Traveler

Stardate: 41263.1

Synopsis: An engineer and his alien assistant board the Enterprise to perform an experiment that would increase warp engine output. During the experiment, something goes wrong and the Enterprise ends up in a place where thoughts become real. The assistant from a race of “travelers” with the scientific capabilities far beyond ours who tour the universe seeking those with potential. The traveler confides to Picard that Wesley is one of those beings with potential and should be guided and helped to grow. It is as a result of these comments, plus the knowledge and help that Wesley provides in Engineering that prompts Picard to make Crusher an acting ensign.

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