Season: 5

Original Airdate: 11/9/1991

Writer(s): Rick Berman and Michael Piller
Director(s): Cliff Bole

Guest Stars
Malachi Throne as Pardek
Denise Crosby as Sela
Stephen D. Root as K’Vada
William Bastiani as Omag
Daniel Roebuck as Romulan #1
Susan Fallender as Romulan #2
Vidal Peterson as D’Tan
Norman Large as Neral
Harriet Leider as Amarie
Leonard Nimoy as Spock

Stardate: 45245.8

Synopsis: This episode is the second part of the story which began in Unification I. Picard and Spock talk and Spock is initially uncooperative with Picard but soon accepts that Picard is representing the Federation. Picard informs Spock that his father, Sarek, has died and conveys his love to Spock. This helps Spock accept Picard as an ally and tells him that his mission to Romulus involves a plan to reunify its people with the Vulcans. Picard naturally does not trust the Romulans and Spock does not seem to fully trust either the Romulans or Picard. Picard sends Data back to the Klingon ship to attempt and access the Romulans’ computer network. Meanwhile on the Enterprise, Riker continues to investigate the theft of the deflector unit. He contacts Amarie, the ex-wife of a smuggler who was killed when the Enterprise destroyed an unmarked enemy ship that tried to interfere with the investigation. Back on Romulus, Senator Pardek brings Picard and Spock to meet with Neral, the Romulan Proconsul who claims to support reunification. However, unknown to Spock and Picard, Neral is in league with Selas who appears in Neral’s office after the Federation officers leave. Picard is very skeptical that Neral offered his support so readily without the support of the Romulan traditionalists among the council. Spock too is skeptical but is convinced that logic dictates that it is in the Federation’s best interest to proceed whether the Romulans have an ulterior motive or not. Amarie meanwhile puts Riker in touch with a Ferengi trader who reveals that the Romulans are involved in the theft of Vulcan ships. Riker contacts Picard and informs him of what he has learned. The two agree to rendezvous and Riker heads towards Romulan territory. Data, with Spock’s help accesses the Romulan computer network and discovers that Neral and Pardek are out to double-cross them. Picard and Data transport back to Romulus to inform Spock and all are taken prisoner by Sela. Sela informs them that they plan to use the stolen ships to conquer Vulcan. She plans to force Spock to deliver a speech announcing the approaching ships as a peace envoy but, in fact, they will be manned by soldiers with orders to seize control of the Vulcan government. When Spock refuses to cooperate, Sela shows them a holographic image of Spock, Picard and Data which she plans to use instead to complete her plan. When Sela leaves the room, Data and Spock set to work on the computer system to try and find an escape route. They manage to send an emergency signal to the Enterprise, which already suspects some sort of trick since they have been unable to reach Picard. Picard tells them of Sela’s plan and the Enterprise destroys the ships. Sela returns to her office planning to kill Spock and Picard but instead is tricked by holographic images giving the Federation officers the opportunity to subdue her and escape. Picard and Data return to the Enterprise while Spock decides to remain on Romulus in the hope of truly establishing peace with the Romulans.

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