Season: 5

Original Airdate: 11/2/1991

Writer(s): Rick Berman and Michael Piller
Director(s): Les Landau

Guest Stars
Joanna Miles as Perrin
Mark Lenard as Sarek
Malachi Throne as Pardek
Stephen D. Root as K’Vada
Daniel Roebuck as Romulan #1
Norman Large as Neral
Graham Jarvis as Dokachin
Erick Avari as B’iJik
Mimi Cozzens as Soup Woman
Karen Hensel as Admiral
Leonard Nimoy as Spock
Majel Barrett as Computer Voice

Stardate: 45233.1

Synopsis: Admiral Shanti advises Captain Picard that a Vulcan ambassador has gone to Romulus on an unauthorized mission. Picard sees a video picture of the Vulcan, Spock, and his Romulan contact. Picard travels to Vulcan to visit Sarek to find out why Spock went to Romulan and what he hopes to accomplish there. Despite Sarek’s illness, Picard is able to see him and discovers that Spock has been in touch with a Romulan senator, Pardek. Sarek asks Picard to convey his love to Spock. Meanwhile, Geordi and Riker inspect several metal fragments recovered from a Ferengi ship. The fragments are remains of a Vulcan Deflector system and the Federation wants to find out how the Ferengi got hold of them. The Vulcans claim to know nothing about the materials and Riker and Geordi conclude that the equipment was stolen. When Picard returns to the Enterprise, he summons the help of the Klingons to get a cloaked ship for use to travel undetected to Romulus. After several days of unsuccessfully reaching Gowron, Picard finally gets through and convinces Gowron to provide a vessel. Meanwhile, intelligence reports confirm Spock’s meeting with Pardek whom Data identifies as an advocate for peace and reunification of the Vulcans and Romulans. While Riker and Geordi work together to discover how the Vulcan deflector unit ended up in the hands of the Ferengi, Data and Picard disguise themselves as Romulans and travel to Romulus on the Klingon ship. Once they arrive, they transport down and stop at a cafe near Pardek’s office. When they spot Pardek and attempt to approach him, they are captured by Romulan guards. Later, however, they discover that Pardek had them arrested for their own protection. As Picard briefs the senator on their meeting, Spock suddenly appears before him. This episode is the first episode of a two-part story which links the events in the series to the events in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country which opened at theaters about three weeks after this two-part episode first aired. Spock, Pardek and Sarek were key figures in the Khitomer Conference which is one of the events depicted in the movie.

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